‘Misfit Garage’ Tom Smith Wikipedia, Net Worth, Wife, Married, Obituary, Car

To many people, he is known as the car guy. This is due to his great passion for the wheels which started while he was still very young. However, Tom Smith is not only known for his skills in the automobile industry. He is also a great singer. Yes, he can sin wonderfully as well as play the guitar.

Besides his obsession with cars and the fact that he can sing, he is also a talented comedian. Let’s look at his life, net worth, whether married or not, family and even his obituary following his unfortunate demise this year.

Wiki-Bio: How old is Tom Smith from Misfit Garage?

Tom Smith’s birthdate is on 1st June 1942. He was born in Ohio, in the United States of America. While Tom was still young, his family relocated to Georgia. That was where he spent most of his childhood days. There is no information available about who his parents were or what they did for a living.

It was clear right from his tender age that he was endowed with great talent. This became quite evident when he ranked third in a state spelling bee championship. At the age of ten that he started working on cars. This was at his uncle’s house.

During the same age of ten years, he was booked for his first traffic violation offense. He had been caught driving a 74’ Pontiac Grandville without a license.  When the police tried to pull him out for joy riding, he instead went ahead and crashed into the cops car. That was the day he went home to some serious spanking for having committed such a crime.

However, this was just but a tip of the iceberg as far as is the passion for cars is concerned. To try and tame him a bit, he was sent to put up with his grandmother at the age of 12 years. He was required to help her even as he attended school. With no option but to obey, the self-made comedian went to stay with his grandmother.

He stayed with his grandmother until after High school when he returned to Ohio. He immediately opened his auto shop in the town.

Tom’s one big influence as far as cars are concerned, Carl Parsons. Carl is a master mechanic famous for his ability to get most out of an engine. For many years, Tom Smith moved around working on television towers. He worked for Tower 2 of the World Trade Center. It was while working here that he a kill switch to which he possesses property rights. He also the first to outfit a hoist with a fuel injected engine.

The master mechanic would later on return to his passion for cars in Texas.  He worked on Hot Rods for four years for Driver’s Edge. Not until 2014 that he began to appear in the Discovery Channel’s reality television show “Misfit Garage.” The show has been airing for five seasons now.

Image of Misfit Garage, Tom Smith car

Misfit Garage, Tom Smith car

His love for running engines has been unparalleled. He simply loved racing, burning rubber, and ensuring the machine is moving as fast as is possible. It appears he has raced almost every kind of vehicle on planet earth. He mostly had a passion for junks because if he tried to drive a Ferrari for instance, he would want to know how fast it runs.

His dream cars were the 64 Thunderbolt and the 65 Shelby Cobra.

Other than cars, he had the great love for stand-up comedy. He has done amateur comedy both at Christie’s in Manhattan and at the Dallas Improv. He would mostly do a door-to-door performance around his neighborhood.

Other of his interest include hunting, fishing, and shooting. He loves doing long shooting. Although he was not a very accomplished shooter, he always loved the fun of the game. His favorite hunt had always been the deer. His main drive into fishing was the allure of eating fish. He was known to be a great lover of fish.

Besides that, he also loved reading books and articles. Tom is said to have collected many works of Isaac Asimov and an autographed copy of Albert Einstein’s autobiography. Tom is frequent social media user, especially Facebook. He had thousands of followers in his social platforms.

Misfit Garage Tom Smith Obituary

Tom Smith is said to have passed away on Saturday, October 6, 2018. He was still a resident of Ohio at the time of his death. Very scanty information about his death is available online. It is not known what led to his death. Tom Smith was 76 years old at the time of his death.

Misfit Garage Tom Smith Married to Wife or Dating? Any Children?

Like many other celebrities, the Ohio stand-up-comedy star had a stormy relationship life. He once had been married, but unfortunately, their union did not last for long. His ex-wife is Deanna Whetsell. The information about when the two got married or when they finally divorced are not known.

Image of Misfit Garage, Tom Smith with his wife Deanna Whetsell

Misfit Garage Tom Smith with his wife, Deanna Whetsell

Information about their children has also not been released to the public. However, it is known that despite their break-up, Tom Smith still took his ex-wife to a nursing school. He would take care of their children during the day and work on the cars at night.

Tom Smith Net Worth

Tom Smith’s participation in the reality television show “Misfit Garage” greatly increased his net worth. It should also be remembered that before his joining this show, he had also featured in other shows which had also earned him a considerable amount of income. All that said, Tom Smith, estimated income stands at $500,000.

Image of Misfit Garage, Tom Smith net worth is $500,000

Misfit Garage’s Tom Smith net worth is $500,000

Body Measurement: Height and Weight

There is no information anywhere online about his weight or his height. It appears that he kept most information about his private life close to his chest.

Tom Smith Fired or Quit from Gas Monkey?

Before joining the “Misfit Garage,” the comical car man had worked at the Gas Monkey. According to Tom Smith himself, his co-star Jordan Butler and him did not quit the show but were rather fired. The reason for their firing was rather a comical one.

It is said that he had allowed a fan with cystic fibrosis to pose for a picture next to Rolls-Royce which was owned by the owner of the garage, Richard Rawlings. The foreman on duty that day saw them, came out and ordered them to get away from the car. Tom Smith is said to have responded rudely to the foreman who reported the matter to Richard Rawlings hence leading to their dismissal few hours after the incident.

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