The Last Alaskans Bob Harte Wikipedia, Bio, Cause of Death, Wife, Net Worth, Children

Ever had of a person who dies but his memory still lingers?! Bob Harte is among such persons. Before he met his untimely death, he was a popular face on the screens particularly on the TV show The Last Alaskans. Fans have since his departure yearned to know about Bob Harte cause of death. In case you are among this group of fans, consider yourself lucky as you will be able to get all this information here. Also, get to know of Bob Harte’s net worth at the time of his death. Before we get to all this, let’s find out Bob Harte’s wife and children.

Bob Harte Married to Wife and have Children.

Bob Harte’s wife was Nancy Harte. Very little is known about the lady’s life as she has been on the low key. After years of enjoying a happy marriage life, they suddenly divorced. The reason behind their divorce is yet to be disclosed.

However, the duo has maintained a good friendship and respected one another despite their legal separation. While still married, Bob Harte’s ex-wife was able to bless the star with one child Talicia. Their child then showered them with a granddaughter identifying as Carmella. From the photos he took, his granddaughter was one of his greatest joy while on earth.

Image of Bob Harte with his wife Nancy Harte and their kids

Bob Harte with his ex-wife, Nancy Harte, and their kids

He also had a foster son named Steve and a stepson. It does not matter if Bob Harte’s ex-wife had legally separated from the star upon his death. The manner in which he mourned his ex-husband shows that he was still in love with the star or is it just normal to mourn someone deeply because you two were once an item?! Whichever the case, she did mourn him right, and we hope that Nancy together with her daughter gets over the death of their loved one and that Bob Harte soul should continue resting in perfect peace.

The Last Alaskans Bob Harte Net Worth

Given the fact that he was a star you are not expecting Bob Harte’s net worth to be less. But let begin with his career and perhaps income. The Last Alaskans show was his main and only source of income. The income is however not quoted. As per wikinetworth, Bob Harte’s net worth at his time of death was around $600,000.

Image of TV Personality, Bob Harte net worth is $600,000

TV Personality, Bob Harte net worth is $600,000

Although this may sound a little bit less, it is quite substantial. This is because, before the dawn of the show, the gentleman used to live on nothing regarding income. Sources indicate that he would brew his beer in the bush and survival through the beer. Perhaps, Bob Harte’s net worth would have been a million or close to a million if he were still alive.

How old is Bob Harte from The Last Alaskans?

The star was born on the 23rd January 1951 in New Jersey. At the time of his death, he was only 66 years of age and a whole life to live. This is to mean that he met the maker last year (2017) and were he alive today, he would have been 67 years old.

Bob Harte Cause of Death

On the 26th day of July 2017, the Last Alaskan fans woke up to the sad news of the demise of Bob Harte. The Alaskan family reported that the star was found dead in Fairbanks while he was sleeping on 22nd July 2017. His memorial was held on the 29th day of July 2017 at Old Chena.

The star was not killed. Cancer was the reason behind his death. Noone and probably the star himself was expecting his death. Influencing this is the fact that the star was the doctors report that the star was responding well to treatment. This explains why he even returned to the show. His friends explain that he had plans of traveling to Las Vegas and Death Valley.

Wiki, Bio

Bob Harte was an American belonging to the white ethnic group. There are no details about his siblings. Concerning her parents, he was the son of Eleanor Harte and Vernon Harte. Although he was born in New Jersey as initially stated, during the 1970s, he left to begin his life in the wilderness. His life here is what made him a star in the last Alaskan show.

His exact body measurements were not known, but he was a relatively tall gentleman. He used to have a standard weight, but due to his health status, his weight reduced drastically. It is not known whether he attended any schools or not. Although he is no more, he has left a legacy worth reviewing and like always we hope that the family finds comfort and the Bob Harte would find eternal peace.

Quick Facts about Bob Harte

Name Bob Harte
Age 66
Birthdate January 23, 1951
Birthplace New Jersey
Death date 22.07.2017
Cause of death Cancer
Parents Eleanor and Vernon Harte
Ethnicity White
Nationality American
Wife Divorced (Nancy Harte)
Children 3
Career TV personality
Net worth $600,000

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