Liane Valenzuela and her Impressive Net Worth, Dating Someone or Boyfriend

Some of us struggle to maintain a single skill while there are others who excel in multiple fields in talent. This is very applicable to many famous celebrities who have a lot more talents than what they are famous for. Liane Valenzuela for one is a well-talented Internet personality known for her vines, what hidden talents does she have? Also learn about her dating life, her boyfriend, and her net worth.

Liane Valenzuela’ Boyfriend and dating History:

Like we already said Liane Valenzuela is a woman of many talents, fitness being one of them. If you follow her in any of her social media sites than you must have already fallen deeply in love with her curves and abs. It should also not come off as any surprise that Liane does modeling on the side and focuses greatly on fitness from the gym to gymnastics.

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So she has led a lot of people to love and lust over her but who is her mystery boyfriend or the guy she has been dating? Well, you would be happy to know that she has found just the right boyfriend to match her fitness and beauty level. She is currently in a relationship with boyfriend Don Benjamin. Don is also a model who was a finalist in the 20th season of America’s Next Top Model’ and is also interested in music just like Liane and pursuing a career in it. They have been dating since 2015 and after all this time you can tell they have a strong relationship simply looking at their photo together.

Don Benjamin hugging his girlfriend Liane Valenzuela

Liane Valenzuela with her boyfriend Don Benjamin

Before Don Benjamin, Liane was dating renowned internet personality and fellow Vine star, King Bach. The two were very good friends and eventually started dating but their relationship as girlfriend and boyfriend didn’t last very long. They called it quits sometime in 2015. They exchanged a lot of pictures and videos on social media during their brief time together.

Liane Valenzuela’s Net Worth:

Liane Valenzuela is an easily recognized celebrity who has made well use of her multi-talented nature in her career. She has worked in numerous career paths;  the most popular one being her vines. She has over 4.6 million followers on Vine and over 5 million in her profile. She is also very passionate about music and dance as she shared it on Youtube and social media.

Since then her talents have become her career as she hosts the red carpet for namely shows like ‘The Voice’, ‘The X Factor’ and ‘American Idol’. She is also a writer and writes her own song for the company Brand X. As Liane has very diverse forms of financial sources totaling her net worth must be a very complex task. Although we do not have her exact net worth we can calibrate that she gains at least 25,000 dollars for her Instagram endorsements and 40,000 dollars on her Vine endorsements. This combined with her other business ventures must measure up to her net worth in millions.

Liane Valenzuela’s Bio:

Liane Valenzuela was born on 22nd August 1986 in San Jose, California, USA. She later moved and currently resides in Modesto, California. She does not reveal about her parents on social media but since she has ethnicity from both Filipino background and African American ethnicity we can say that her parents are also of mixed ethnicity.

Maybe because of being mixed ethnicity she is very beautiful and has attractive physical feature. She has a golden tanned skin, brunette wavy hair, toned abs and perfect facial structures. Many people might even think that she has undergone surgery but it is all natural. She is currently just 30 years of age and has already gained a lot of success and we hope she gains a lot more in the future.

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