Tessa Thompson Married, Boyfriend, Dating, Mother, Ethnicity

Sometimes even when we want to follow our passion, life has completely separate plans for us. No one is a better example of this than Tessa Thompson who had initially started her career in acting but with her talents in the music genre, faith has also brought her up to a music career. Learn more about her acting and music career as well as her family life and ethnicity. Also what about her love life who is her boyfriend or is she just dating?

Tessa Thompson Married, Dating or Boyfriend:

So let’s start from the juicier bit to her story. We all are well aware of both her works as an actor and musician. She has portrayed several roles all leaving a mark in our hearts and got her fans and supporters begging for some answers related to her personal life. So we got to digging everything we can about her personal life no matter how little was there all over the Internet.

It seems that Tessa has her plates busy juggling between two very successful careers, it is either that or she is a very secretive person because we couldn’t find much about her married, love and dating life. There have not been any mentions of Tessa having a boyfriend or dating someone in the public eye. She did have a rumored relationship with actor Ben Crowley for a few years but it was never confirmed by either of the party. When it comes to her married life, we do not have any info on that as well. However considering things like wedding and a husband or spouse or too big of a deal to be hidden, it is safe to say that Tessa is not married and does not have a husband.

Her Mother and Ethnicity:

Tessa might not have a husband or a boyfriend by her side but that should not bother her too much because family is always to fill up those gaps in our life. For Tessa, her mother must be her soul mate who she frequently tags alongside her. She likes to keep her mom all to herself hidden from the public eye. We do not know her mother’s name but judging from Tessa’s ethnicity, we can tell that she has to be of Mexican and European descent.

Tessa has even shared how her mother has gone on to go to fashion guru. She already has two fashion gurus, her stylists Wayman Bannerman and Micah McDonald but they are not solely responsible for the great red carpet looks of Tessa Thompson. According to Tessa, Her mom looks at her red carpet dresses before and she wears them only after her review.

Her Acting and Music Career:

Tessa Thompson has established herself as a well-known figure in the acting world. She has had experience with theater beforehand undertaking important roles since 2002. She debuted in TV shows with her 2005 appearance in CBS series ‘Cold Case’.  She again debuted in the movies in 2006 with the remade horror movie, ‘When a Stranger Calls’. She has since then gone on to undertake great movies and TV shows like the classic movie ‘Rocky’ inspired film ‘Creed’ as a supporting role of Veronica or her upcoming superhero sequel movie, ‘Thor: Ragnarok’ and TV shows like Veronica Mars.

We have been continuously mentioning the music career of Tessa while some of you didn’t even know about it. So she happens to be very good at singing and is associated with the music group, ‘Caught a Ghost’. They have been releasing a lot of songs like one of their best ‘Breathe’ and ‘Grip’ that was featured in her movie ‘Creed’.

Aside from that everything Tessa has a very happy life. So what she is single, her successful career and her hot and sexy body make her every guy’s dream. She has not been seen in a bikini yet but has gotten down to a lot of sexy seductive dresses. She has very supportive parents as well. We have already informed you about her mother, her father is also a known singer/songwriter Marc Anthony Thompson who works at the Chocalate Genius Inc. In the end, she lives to be living a happy life indeed.


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