Misfit Garage Thomas Weeks Wikipedia, Net Worth, Wife, Married, Family, Car

Who would imagine that a passion for automobiles and car repair would earn anyone fame? Certainly not you but hey, the trick is working just fine for Thomas Week. If the name is familiar to you, it is because you have met him in Misfit Garage show of Discovery Channel.

But can you confidently list two or three things about the guy? I mean, do you know Thomas Weeks’ net worth? Can you narrate his wiki details like age, weight, height and body measurements? If your answer is not, worry not because here you will explore all these details including Thomas Weeks’ wife and children.

Thomas Weeks Married to Wife or Dating? Any Children?

Off screen the guy is a happily married man but who is the lucky queen? Well, Thomas Weeks’ wife is a beautiful lady identifying as Michelle Weeks. The duo has been enjoying marriage for over two decades now. Influencing this is the star’s anniversary post last year which went up on 7th November and was clear that that day marked their 20th anniversary. How and when they met is still a misery we hope the star will unfold soon.

Image of Thomas Weeks with his wife Michelle Weeks

Thomas Weeks with his wife, Michelle Weeks

Concerning children, Thomas Weeks’ wife has not showered the partner with any. Perhaps, they are still not prepared to have children. However, we hope that they have one soon.  So far, there has been a happy type of marriage since there have been close to zero rumors about their relationship scandals. Celebrities should perhaps learn a thing or two from the way Thomas Weeks and his wife are living their life.

Thomas Weeks Net Worth, Car

While it is known that he has a car, the brand type of the vehicle remains hidden as he occasionally changes his car type. This alone should tell you that Thomas Weeks’ net worth is worth admiring. Aren’t you eager to know what the amount is? Well not before you know that whatever he is earning today is not what he used to earn before. The figure has been increased yearly although when he left Gas Monkey, the amount was highly affected. According to recent reports, Thomas Weeks’ net worth is an estimated $800,000. Although this amount is already substantial, there is a possibility that it may escalate shortly. Influencing this is the fact that the guy is doing great in the car repair industry. Keep it here for any new developments on Thomas Weeks’ net worth.

Image of Thomas Weeks net worth is $800,000

Thomas Weeks net worth is $800,000

Body Measurement: Height and Weight

This is probably the most hidden information of all. There are hints of what the star weighs, how tall he is and his specific body measurements. You can, however, bank on knowing this information as soon as it is available to reputable sources.

How old is Thomas Weeks?

While for most celebrities, even the top secretive ones, their birthdate is normally known to the public. However, things are not the same for Thomas Weeks. He has not availed his year of birth hence becomes challenging to give the exact date. Speculations are that he could either be around his late 50s or 60s. Hopefully, he will take one day about on social media for easier clarification of his age and date, but until that happens, we all remain in the dark concerning these aspects in his life.

Wiki, Bio

Born and raised in Dallas, Thomas Weeks is an American categorizing in the white ethnicity.  After high school, he graduated from Officer training school with a bachelor’s degree in aviation and science. Essential to denote is that before graduating from high school, he already has a pilot license. He is a certified commercial pilot. Sadly, he cannot engage in piloting activities as he was diagnosed with color blindness.

There are not many details about Thomas early childhood and his family. The little information that is there is that he takes after his father about his passion for cars. Also, his parents were a crucial component of his career as they supported his dream in the automobile industry at a tender age. While he was aged only 15, his father gifted him a 55 Chevy truck.

Is Thomas Weeks Fired or Quit from Gas Monkey?

There has been some varying opinion of the reason behind Thomas Weeks’ departure from the Gas monkey. While some say, he was fired others think he quit the show by himself. Here is the reality. The man did not quit the show on his own. He was fired from the show along with his colleague Tim Smith by the manager Richard Rawlings. The two later formed the fired up garage show. The name of this show seems to have been inspired by the act of firing because the crews in that show were at some point fired from Gas Monkey.

Quick Facts about Thomas Weeks

Name Thomas Weeks
Age Not Known
Birthdate Not Known
Birthplace Dallas, Texas
Nationality American
Ethnicity White
Career TV host, Mechanic
Net worth $800,000
Wife Michelle Weeks
Children None
Weight Not Known
Height Not Known
Body Measurements Not Known

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