What is Richard Rawlings Net Worth? Know his House and Car Collections.

Born on 30th March 1969, Richard Ray Rawlings is an American TV personality and auto mechanic. He is popular for his appearance on Fast N Loud which airs on Discovery Channel.  He is happily married to one Suzanne Mergele. Current stories about the celebrity are that he pockets a huge sum of net worth. This could be true, but again it could be false. In case you are interested in unveiling the reality of Richard Rawlings’ net worth, keep reading through this article because it does not only expose this but his cars, houses and sources of income which justify the amount.

Richard Rawlings Net Worth (Yearly: 2016, 2017, 2018)

It is true that Richard Rawlings net worth is quite substantial but what exactly is the figure? Well, before getting into what the actual figure is as of 2018, we will begin with the figures as of 2016 way to the figures of 2017. According to reputable sources, Richard Rawlings’ net worth has been escalating each year. In 2016 for instance, the amount was rumored to be an estimated to $15 million.

The amount incredibly increased a year later. Particularly, celeb gossip quotes Richard Rawlings’ net worth as of 2017 at around $20 million.

Assuming he did whatever he did between 2016 and 2017 then you can guess what he pockets in terms of net worth in 2018. Well, to have the exact figure, let’s get straight into the actual figure as of 2018. There is no exact amount of the net worth he earns in 2018. However, rumor estimates Richard Rawlings’ net worth in 2018 to be around $20 to $25 million. Should the sequence follow, this means that in the next five years, his net worth would be around $50 million and you can imagine what the figure would be in the next ten years.

Image of Auto Mechanic, Richard Rawlings net worth is $25 million

Auto Mechanic, Richard Rawlings net worth is $25 million

If you plan on having a similar net worth, maybe it’s time you consider making it in the automotive industry. This is because most of Richard Rawlings’ net worth emanates from his automotive business more so from his Gas Monkey Garage which he established in 2002. Other than this, he also obtains some share of his net worth from reality television shows like the Fast N Loud where he is paid about $50,000 per episode. Based on his sources of income and passion for what he does, there is no denying that the given figures are valid.

Richard Rawlings House

While it is known that the gentleman lives in Dallas in Texas, U.S.A, the actual address of his house is not known, but this does not mean you will not have any information about his house. From the above comments, you should be able to tell one thing: that the celebrity is not a fan of houses as the house being referred to here seems to be only one yet he has an enormous net worth. Well, sadly, we cannot report on any solid details about his house as he has seen pretty much secretive about this aspect.

However, last years at around February, a YouTube video was uploaded which revolved around the details of the stars house. As per the information in this YouTube video, Richard Rawlings house is worth $1.7 million. It sits on a 1.4-acre land and is 4000 square feet. One of its specific features is its close to 5 bathrooms, a cabana, and an adorable and beautiful pool.

Image of Racing Driver, Richard Rawlings house

Racing Driver, Richard Rawlings House

The video indicates that the celebrity purchased the property in 2015. Therefore, as of 2018, the house is still very new as it is only three years old. Important to keep in mind is that the auto mechanic is yet to confirm or refute the information about this video that claims to be describing his house.

Therefore, keep it here in case he decides to add any tangible information to whatever information that is already known or if he decides to purchase other houses like most of the celebrities with a similar net worth do. Nevertheless, we do hope that this is his house as it is a top class house which matches his net worth in every aspect.

Richard Rawlings Car Collections

It is common knowledge that the gentleman is passionate about cars. You are therefore not expecting him to fail to have a drive of his own. Well, the very first car that Richard Rawlings owned was a green 74 Mercury Comet. He bought this car while he was only 14 years because of the love he heard for owning cool cars. It seems that his passion has not gone down. If anything it has kept accelerating because he keeps changing cars like it is not a big issue.

Image of Richard Rawlings Mustang Car

Richard Rawlings Mustang Car

According to the recently compiled findings, he owns a variety of personal cars but in this article we are only going to disclose five of which he ranks as the best. These five cars include the 1952 Chevrolet Fleetline, 1968 Shelby Mustang GT350, 1968 Shelby GT Fastback, 2015 Dodge 2500 and 1932 Ford. The worth of these cars upon their purchase is not known since Richard Rawlings has not been clear on when exactly each car was purchased.

Nonetheless, you can always opt for finding their current prices as well as their prices in the past few years to get an understanding of the cost of the machinery.  We also know that he owned a 1965 Ford Mustang as he argues that he got his left arm short while he was trying to fight a carjacker who was trying to steal this brand of his car.

Image of Richard Rawlings Dodge car

Richard Rawlings Dodge Car

Quick Facts About Richard Rawlings Net Worth

Name Richard Ray Rawlings
Net Worth in 2016 $10-$15 million
Net Worth in 2017 $15-$20 million
Net Worth in 2018 $20-$25 million
House 1
Cars Numerous

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