Is Richard Rawlings Married? Know his Wife/Spouse, Daughter, Measurements

Richard Rawlings is among the popular cast members of the reality TV show Fast N’ Loud. He is also a known auto mechanic, media personality and entrepreneur.  His love affair is something that he has been unable to keep a secret.

Find out more of this in an attempt of unveiling Richard Rawling’s wife. Also, get the chance of knowing if he has any children, his past relationships and other crucial facts about his life including to not limited to his age, weight, height, body measurements and most importantly Richard Rawlings net worth along with his career details.

Is Richard Rawlings Married? Married and Divorce with Suzanne Rawlings.

He is certainly one of those celebrities who have the most interesting loves story.  In case you are a lady and have been eyeing for this guy, we are sad to tell you that he is already taken. Robin Rawling’s wife identifies as Suzanne Marie Merge.

Image of Richard Rawlings with his wife in early 90s

Richard Rawlings with his wife, Suzanne Rawlithe in the early 90s

The couple has not been married once but twice. Their first wedding occurred on the 7th day of August 1999 in Las Vegas earthed in Nevada, U.SA. Important to point out is that before Suzanne Marie Mergele became Richard Rawlings’ wife, the one who had initially been occupying this position was Karen K. Grames. The two got married and in 1993. A year later, they ended up signing divorce papers. The reason behind their divorce is still not known. Nonetheless, it is a fact that Karen K. Grames was at some point Richard Rawlings’ wife.

After being married for almost a decade, the star separated officially with Mergele on 14th August 2009. In various reports, Rawlings acknowledges that they separated because of his work which made him so busy that he could not attend to family matters.  In 2015, Suzanne Mergele again took up the position of Richard Rawling’s wife. This is because it was during this year that the couple remarried. This time around, their colorful wedding did not occur in the United States of America but Mexico particularly in Cabo.

As of now, therefore, Richard Rawling’s wife is the beautiful Suzanne. Sadly there are no details about the queen maybe because she is not used to being on the limelight or because privacy is of utmost essence in her life. So far, their relationship seems to be moving in the right direction, and we hope that this happy situation will last forever until death decides to do them apart.

Image of Richard Rawlings re married his wife Suzanne Rawlings in 2015

Richard Rawlings remarried his wife Suzanne Rawlings
in 2015

Does Richard Rawlings Have Kids: Daughter and Son?

Children have always been seen as the fruit or marriage. With this in mind as well as with the fact that the celebrity has married twice, how many children are you expecting him to have? Is it one? Two? Or three? Well, it turns out that in his first marriage, Karen K. Grames did not bless him with a child may be since the marriage did not last long. Surprisingly, even after staying with his wife for ten years during their first marriage, the duo still did not make any children. Perhaps, the guy was not prepared to have any children, but we do hope that things change soon enough so that we can author about his children

Body Measurements: Height and Weight

Sadly the body measurements of the multitalented star are not availed to the public. However, his height and weight are well known. In relation to the former, Richard Rawlings enjoys a height of 6 feet and 1 inch which is an equivalent of 1.85 meters. Concerning her weight, the gentleman weighs an estimated 189 pounds which translated to nearly 86 kilograms.

Image of Richard Rawlings height is 6 feet and 1 inch

Richard Rawlings height is 6 feet and 1 inch

How old is Richard Rawlings? Age, Birthdate, Birthday

The gentleman was born on the 30th day of March 1969. If you have done that arithmetic correctly, you know for a fact that Richard Rawlings age as of 2018 is 49 years. Fort Worth earthed in Texas, U.SA.  is the guys’ actual place of birth of the TV personality.

Wiki, Bio

The celebrity is an American categorizing in the white ethnicity. He is the proud son of parents whose details are yet to be revealed. Although there is nothing about his college studies, we sure know that he graduated from Eastern Hills High School. At a tender age of 14, the star bought himself a 74 Mercury Comet drive. This was not, however, the start of his passion for cars because it had always been rooted in him since childhood due to his dad’s influences.

In 1999, the television personality began his own company, and although by then Richard Rawlings’ net worth was not substantial, the fact that he had his own company (Lincoln Press) was enough satisfaction.  The company dealt with advertising and printing. Since then the star has established a number of companies such as the Gas Monkey Garage. The Gas Monkey Garage deals with the sale of top-notch cars, and if you are not decided where to purchase a car, you can pay his store a visit and get to walk away with your dream car and if you are lucky, also get to see the celebrity.

With the stars’ numerous business, Richard Rawlings’ net worth gradually increased. The situation became even better with television shows. With this said, how much do you think he pockets as net worth? Well according to gossip celebrity, Richard Rawlings’ net worth as of 2018 is around $20-$25 million. He, of course, sources this from many networks and although the earning from each source are not listed, per episode of the Fast N Loud show, he is paid a salary of $50, 000.

With the gentleman’s daily devotion to his work, you can be sure that whatever is quoted here as Richard Rawlings’ net worth may fail to be true in the next few years. This is because he may experience a salary increase which may again boost his net worth hence the need of checking this site regularly for regular updates. If given the opportunity of gifting the guy with something, consider purchasing a dog as he is a huge lover of dogs or rather because dogs are the stars’ favorite pet.

Quick Facts about Richard Rawlings

Name Richard Ray Rawlings
Age 49
Birthdate March 30, 1969
Birthplace Fort Worth, Texas, USA
Nationality American
Ethnicity White
Career TV personality, mechanic
Net Worth $20-25 million
Salary per episode $50,000
Wife Karen K. Grames – Divorced

Suzanne Marie Mergele

Children None
Height 6 feet  1 inch
Weight 86 kgs

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