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Dr. Michael Lavigne has worked hard to earn his place in the career world. As a reality television star and a veterinary doctor, Dr. Michael is a huge success. As a doctor, Michael Lavigne does surgeries and treats animals suffering from all manner of diseases. Dr. Michael Lavigne is a general practitioner; he, therefore, handles all manner of soft tissue injuries and urgent health care needs of the animals. Having been in this particular field for the last ten years, Dr. Michael Lavigne seems to know all the corners of the profession. He has over the time managed to put up the fully-furnished hospital. Here, he attends to his animal patients suffering from different diseases.

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Dr. Michael Lavigne Net Worth And Career

Dr. Lavigne cannot deny the fact that he is eating the life with a very big spoon. However, he is a very shrewd man. With his finances, Dr. Michael has chosen to be very frugal. However, he is responsible enough to ensure that his family members get all they need to do well in life. As a veterinary doctor, Dr. Michael is getting some good pay. Besides the veterinary career, he also runs the famous Vet Life reality television show. Sometimes, Dr. Michael gets overtaken by events and just decide to floss around. Occasionally, Dr. Michael displays his cars and rims for the public to see. Currently, he drives the 1974 Dodge Charger. From the look of things, Dr. Michael Lavigne not only loves animals but also vehicles.

From the latest estimates, it is said that Dr. Michael Lavigne has a net worth of $250,000.

Image of Dr.Michael Lavigne net worth is $250,000

Dr.Michael Lavigne net worth from The Vet Life is $250,000

Dr. Michael Lavigne Married to Wife And Children

Dr. Lavigne is married to his wife, Anne. Before actually agreeing to tie the knot, Dr. Michael and Ann had dated for a couple of years. They studied in the same college and class. It is no wonder that they are so used to each other’s company. It would, however, be interesting to know that Mike and Anne used to talk so much when they were classmates. Dr. Michael had to buy a car to catch the attention of Anne. It could, after all, be true that women have always loved men with cars. To Anne, the car was a temptation she just had to fall into.

Dr. Michael used a Ford Bronco to lure the love of his life. In one of the afternoons, Dr. Lavigne had intentionally left his car in the car. In a deliberate act of creativity, Dr. Michael Lavigne used a stick to remove the car keys. He was strategic enough to do this just when Anne was passing by. The lady could not resist the creativity. Since then, Anne has never been able to recover from the spell that Mike cast on her. After a couple of meetings and dates, the two decided that it was time to tie the knot. It is not known exactly when Anne and Mike got married. It can be however possible that Mike was already married during his college days. With no record of previous marriage or divorce, he was married to Anne.

How old is Dr. Michael Lavigne? Age, Birthday, Birthdate

Born on the 14th of November 1974, Dr. Michael Lavigne is 44 years old at the moment. He celebrates his birthday on the 14th of November every year.

Wiki, Biography, Ethnicity

Born in San Francisco in California, Dr. Michael Lavigne spent his childhood in New Orleans, Lousiana. As a student, Michael was always above the average. With hard work and consistency, Michael struggled through high school to the university, Xavier University to be exact. He then proceeded to Tuskegee University where he got his degree in Veterinary medicine. He is a specialist in soft tissue injury.

As for the hobbies, Dr. Michael Lavigne loves hiking, fishing, and camping. He loves camping with his family. Not so much can be said about Dr. Michael’s parents and siblings at the moment. He is white by ethnicity.

Where Is Dr. Michael Lavigne Now?

Dr. Micheal Lavigne has joined hands with his old time friends and colleagues, Dr. Aubrey and Blue. The trio is helping each other in running a reality television show, Vet Life. Apart from the reality television show, Dr. Michael is also a reputed veterinary doctor, with a fully-equipped hospital.

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