Meet Erik Salitan’s Wife: Martha Mae Salitan Biography, Net Worth, Married, Children, Parents

Martha Mae is an outdoor survivalist. It is not in doubt that the scenes depicted in Life Below Zero are real. The events depict real case scenarios of people’s lives. The participants in this reality t.v show live in the remote part of Alaska and have consequently adopted a very consistent lifestyle.

In the wilderness, there are no groceries or movie shops. The life of Martha Mae Salitan showcases the true spirit of resilience. Over the years, she has successfully managed to survive and thrive in some of the most unforgiving climatic conditions. To Martha, life is a matter of simplicity. The city and all the chaos that it brings can never guarantee true comfort and happiness.

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Martha Mae Salitan Married, Husband Erik Salitan, Children

Martha met her husband, Erik Salitan when he moved to Alaska. Erik and Martha struck a friendship and over the time became so attached. The emotional encounter ended up in a marriage. The marriage has visibly stood the test of time. At the moment, they have a son named Lucas Salitan. As parents who value personal advancement for their child, they have already enrolled the little Lucas into the Wood River Elementary.

Image of Martha Mae Salitan with her husband Erik Salitan

Martha Mae Salitan with her husband, Erik Salitan

The family is quite an adventurous one. Anytime the boy is not in school; he prefers to accompany his parents on their fishing and hunting expeditions. Raising a child under such extreme conditions is not an easy thing. However, Martha Mae has teamed up with her husband to ensure that their son receives the best out of this life. Lucas seems to have been fully adapted to the wildlife and is fully enjoying every bit of it.

 Martha Mae Salitan Net Worth and Salary

Martha Mae shares from the same pool of net worth with her husband. Overall, the life that the wilderness of Alaska offers is one that does not entertain laziness. Together with her husband, Martha Mae runs an exotic lodge. They are also touring guides.

Furthermore, they are participants in the reality television series, Life Below Zero. From the available estimates, Martha and her husband, Erik Salitan, have a net worth of about $400,000 and her salary is not yet revealed. The fact that the celebrities have managed to amass this impressive net worth in an environment where there is so much pressure to survive is so commendable.

Image of Life Below Zero cast Martha Mae Salitan net worth is $400,000

Life Below Zero cast Martha Mae Salitan net worth is $400,000

How Old Is Martha Mae Salitan? Age, Birthday, Birthdate

The available websites do not reveal any piece of information with regards to Martha’s date of birth, and therefore his age.

Wikipedia, Biography, Parents

Martha Mae Salitan was born in Alaska. However, Martha ended up being raised in Iliamna. As a child, Marta Mae worked very closely with his parents. It is through this close contact that she gained massive experience as a sports fishing operator. Having grown up in Alaska, she has plenty of knowledge regarding its operations and nature.

Martha is a very gifted cook. The guests who visit her lodge in Alaska have commended her great culinary skills. She is also very friendly, and always ready to guide her guests through the wilderness. The family background of Martha Mae is not very clear on the available websites.

What Is Martha Mae Salitan Doing Now?

Martha Mae is a lady who appreciates simplicity. Her days are marked by simple and straightforward activities. At the moment, Martha Mae spends her days sustaining her family. When she is not playing her role in the television series, Life Below Zero, Martha accompanies her husband to the wild; to hunt down animals and catch some fish.

She is also involved in the management of the lodge, where she prepares very nice delicacies for the visitors. Martha is a not a very passionate user of the social media. Rarely does she post photos of her activities? Perhaps this could be her way of keeping her family and personal life private.

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