Dr. Michelle Oakley Net Worth, Age, Husband, Married, Wiki, Birthday, Family

Dr. Michelle Oakley is one of the few veterinary doctors who treat all manner of animals all over the world. Most of Michelle’s operations are conducted at her clinic which is located at the villages of Haines Junction. Interestingly, the clinic has been constructed in Michelle’s place of residence. In that house, Michelle lives with her three daughters and three brothers in law.

This article will dig deeper on the person that is Dr. Michelle. It will take about her net worth, relationship life, age and her latest plans in life.

Dr. Michelle Oakley Net Worth, Yukon Vet

Dr. Oakley is a vet who does not shy away from treating animals from whatever background. The small and large animals in Canada have always found relief in Dr. Michelle’s clinic. The doctor lives in a scarcely populated city. It is, therefore, the reason to expect that there is not so much business that Michelle can count on there.

However, the reality is so different. Dr. Michelle reaps big from her career. She over the time built a name for herself in the area. It is therefore difficult for her to lose on business. Sometimes, Dr. Michelle operates from the Whitehorse. There are also those moments when Michelle responds to calls and has to travel over long distances. The latest estimates put Dr. Michelle Oakley’s net worth at $700,000 and her salary still remains unclosed.

Image of Dr. Michelle Oakley net worth is $700,000

Dr. Michelle Oakley net worth from Dr. Oakley, Yukon Vet is $700,000

Dr. Michelle Oakley Husband, Married, Children

Dr. Michelle Oakley has been married to her husband, Shane Oakley for several years now. In the family home, Dr.Michelle also accommodates his three brothers-in-law. Michelle and Shane knew each for the first time in Michigan. By then, Michelle was a student there. Oakley nicknamed his new friend, the Squirrel Girl. It was only time before Michelle and Shane got so attached that they eventually ended up getting married.

With time, their marriage has been rewarded with three daughters. The couple’s daughters are Sierra, Maya, and Willow. Both Dr. Michelle and his husband Shane are very busy people.

Image of Dr. Michelle Oakley with her husband Shane Oakley

Dr. Michelle Oakley with her husband, Shane Oakley

The breaks from their careers are so hard to come by. They thus choose to spend any free time they get with their family members. From the look of things, Michelle has greatly influenced her daughters’ career paths. They have equally ended up loving animals just like their mother.

Before they were eventually taught on how to be independent and innovative, the young girls could copy directly all that their mother did.  Willow is getting homeschooled. She, therefore, has enough time to observe all that Dr. Michelle does in her clinic.

Dr. Michelle Oakley Age, Birthday, Birthdate

Dr. Michelle must have been born with a plate of greatness on her chest. Her date of birth is September 1969. This means that Dr. Michelle is currently 48 years old. Michelle’s birthday is celebrated in September of every year. Unfortunately, nobody knows the exact day of the celebrations.

Wiki, Bio, Parents

Dr. Michelle Oakley is a graduate of Munster High School. She later graduated with a degree in zoology from the University of Michigan. In addition to this, Dr. Michelle has an extra degree from the University of Prince Edward Island. At some point, Dr. Michelle was a wildlife biologist. She served in that particular field for almost a decade. Michelle’s parents are Steve Plantinga and Georgia Plantinga. She was born and grew up in Munster, Indiana, U.S. Michelle has a white ethnic background.

Dr. Michelle’s uncle was a farmer who kept different types of animals. It was, therefore, her close contact with the uncle that she understood and began to love animals.

Dr. Michelle Oakley Social Media Updates. What is she doing now?

Dr. Michelle Oakley has over 11,000 followers on Twitter. Most of her social media posts are focusing on the activities of her clinic. She has quite an emotional attachment to her patients.

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