Erik Salitan Wiki, Net Worth, Wife, Married, Bio. Leaves Life Below Zero?

The word ‘comfort’ could be very relative. However, there are those particular groups of individuals who have chosen to live a lifestyle that cannot be imagined by the average man. For Erik Salitan, life in the wilderness of Alaska is the best way to go. As a trained tour guide and a pilot, Erik lives together with his wife in Alaska. Erik managed to become a television personality after he found a slot in the National Geographic Show, Life Below Zero. The rest of this essay will give more light on how the life of Erik in Alaska has been, his earnings, and family.

Erik Salitan Married To Wife, And Children

Raising a family in the harsh climatic conditions of Alaska can never be a simple thing. However, Erik Salitan has done all that is within his powers to make sure that his family has the best possible life.

He is married to his wife named Martha. On the face of it, Martha is one of a kind. It is so easy to see that any sane woman would not accept to live under the unforgiving conditions of Alaska. Moreover, Martha was born and raised in Alaska. She is therefore familiar with the terrain and the lifestyle there. This enables her to fully support her in his wild endeavors.

Image of Erik Salitan with his wife Martha Mae Salitan

Erik Salitan with his wife, Martha Mae Salitan

Erik and his wife have been blessed by a son named Lucas Salitan. Lucas studies at Wood Rivers Elementary. During his breaks from school, the son accompanies the parents to fishing and hunting expeditions. He seems to enjoy every moment with the wild world.

The couple seems to be happy in their marriage. So far, there are no rumors of them getting divorced in the foreseeable future.

Erik Salitan Net Worth, Salary, Life Below Zero

With the uncompromising conditions of Alaska, there is never time for rest. Erik Salitan and his family have to work very hard to survive. They have two major business premises from which they derive their income. First, they have an exotic lodge. Secondly, Erik has a tour guiding service named Bushwack Alaska Guiding and Outfitting. They mostly operate during the summer seasons.

From the latest estimates, the family of Erik has a net worth of about $400,000. This is commendable considering the fact that they live in some of the world’s toughest conditions. Erik also rakes a decent amount of salary from the role his plays in the reality television show, Life Below Zero. However, his proceeds from the t.v show are yet to be reconciled.

Image of Erik Salitan from Life Below Zero net worth is $400,000

Erik Salitan from Life Below Zero net worth is $400,000

How Old Is Erik Salitan? Age, Birthday, Birthdate

Erik Salitan was born on the 9th of February 1984. Erik is therefore 34 years old at the moment. He celebrates his birthday on the 9th of February every year.

Wiki, Bio, Family

Erik Salitan was born in the United States. He is of Caucasian ethnicity and American nationality. Erik spent his childhood in the rural lower 48 estates in New York. The estates are just adjacent to the Quebec order. In a place where the job opportunities were so limited, Erik left for Alaska with the hope of finding greener pastures. By this time, he had just completed his 12th grade at the Fingers Community College. He then proceeded to study at the University of Alaska where he graduated with a degree in applied science.

The life that Erik lives is very primitive. For instance, he does not eat any meat that he has not hunted. Owing to his passion for hunting, Erika has joined a couple of hunting conservatory groups in Alaska.

Why Erik Salitan Leaves Life Below Zero? What Is He Doing Now?

That Erik loves life in its most primitive form is the only explanation which can be attached to his decision to live Life Below Zero. For now, Erik focuses on building a loving home for his wife and child.

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