Is Anita Manning Married? Know Her Husband, Children, Net Worth, Family, Biography, Wiki

For the longest possible time, Anita Manning has been greatly interested in auctioneering and antiques. Anita Manning has earned herself a place in history as the first female Scottish auctioneer. He career in the auctioneering world started way back in the 1970’s. Anita hosts a couple of shows on the BBC.

The career journey of Manning is quite an interesting one. At some point, she was even a dance teacher. Throughout the article, we will be touching on different aspects of Anita’s life. The discussion will center on her marital status, net worth, age and family background. In a wrap, Anita symbolizes resilience and consistency of character.

Is Anita Manning Married? Meet Her Husband And Children

Just like Christina, Anita has chosen to tuck her marriage life away from the public. She is a mother of two and a grandmother of three. Anita Manning is married to her husband, Charles Hanson. The lucky man has been hidden away from the attention of the camera. One of Anita’s children, Lala, often helps her out in the Glasgow Auction house.

Image of Anita Manning with her husband Charles Hanson

Anita Manning with her husband, Charles Hanson

It is Lala who is in charge of the daily operations of the business. The business has been dubbed Great Western Auctions. Anita and her daughter have been working together for the past thirty years. Her son, Luke, is a resident of Hong Kong. He runs his businesses there.

Anita Manning Net Worth, Antiques Roadshow

Anita gets her wealth from two major economic activities. First, she collects precious items. Secondly, Anita is a renowned television personality. With the various shows she runs at the BBC, Anita carries a handsome amount of money at the end of every month. Anita will never regret being an employee of the BBC. In spite of the huge income that BBC earns, Anita still supplements her income by collecting valuable items and resells. According to the latest estimates, Anita Manning commands a net worth of about $ 2 million and her salary is not revealed.

Image of Auctioneer, Anita Manning net worth is $2 million

Auctioneer, Anita Manning net worth is $2 million

As a television personality at the BBC, Anita hosts three programs. They are Bargain Hunt, Flog It and Antiques Road Trip. For the Antique Road Trip, Anita has the record of the biggest sale ever. Anita managed to resell the Budha statue which she had bought at $50 at $3800.

How Old Is Anita Manning? Age, Birthday, Birthdate

Anita was born on the 1st of December 1947. There she is currently 70 years and ten months old. Even at such an advanced age, Anita still looks healthy and strong. Anita’s goal is to ensure that she remains in the perfect health condition. Well, her good shape can be attributed to the proper lifestyle that she has chosen to live over the years.

Wiki, Bio, Family

Anita Manning has an average height and weight. She was born in Glasgow, Scotland. It was Anita’s father who triggered her appetite for auctioning. At some point, he took her to auctions at Sauchiehall Street in Glasgow. Anita was intrigued by the events of that particular day.

Besides the auctioning skills, Anita Manning studies physical education. She majored in dance. Before embracing the profession of antiques, Anita began her career life as a teacher. As a young mother, she loved furniture. On the face of it, Anita could be the oldest antique expert in entire Scotland.

What Is Anita Manning Doing Now?

Anita Manning is a not a very active of the social media. This is because she is always busy attending to her job and professional obligations. Perhaps, it could also have everything to do with her age. At 70, stuff like facebook and twitter may never sound so exciting.

It is therefore difficult to know the latest developments in Anita’s life via social media. All the same, Anita presently spends most of her time either at the auctioneering business or with the family.

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