Moonshiners Tim Smith Wiki/Bio, Net Worth, Wife, Married

Moonshiners Tim Smith is a famous reality television star. His star rose to fame for his appearances in the Discovery Channel’s series, Moonshiners.

He has launched his legal brand of moonshine that is taking over the U.S market.

Apart from his successful career life, he is also leading a very fabulous married life. In this article, we have extracted the key facts you need to know about this celebrity.

These include his wiki-bio facts, net worth, and wife among others.

Wiki, Bio

Tim Smith’s wiki reveals he was born on is October 16, 1958.  Tim is currently 60 years of age. He was born in West Covina, California. He was born to his parents Gil Robbins and Mary Robbins.

According to wiki-bio, his father was a renowned musician, especially in the 1980s. His mother, on the other hand, pursued a professional career as an actress.

The television personality was raised in New York City along with his three siblings. He has two sisters, Gabrielle and Adelle and one brother named David.

The most amazing thing about his family is that it is composed of media personalities. However, the wiki has not specified the exact roles of Tim Smith’s siblings on the television.

The celeb’s educational background is not yet included in his biography. Currently, he resides in Southwestern Virginia.


Tim Smith’s acting career began while he was a college student in 1979. He was a zealous member of a theatre group in New City.

After that, he initiated a theatre crew named; Actor’s Gang. He began undertaking performances with this group.

As he advanced in his career, he started taking learned roles in Television movies. Some of these include; Sure Thing in 1985 and Top Gun in 1986.

These roles gave him a major boost in his career. It was also a stepping stone to the big fish – the Moonshiners series in 2012.

Image of Tim Smith from Moonshiners show

Tim Smith from Moonshiners show

Unlike the majority of the other moonshiners, he did not grow up with it. He learned the art of brewing moonshine from his colleagues over the years.

He determines to produce a unique brand of moonshine without compromising legal standards. With this, he manufactures his brand of moonshine called Climax Moonshine.

He has a chain of factories across the U.S that produces this legal liquor.

Tim is not only an actor but also a musician. He is known for being very hardworking.  He is also a person of high social standing. All these have helped him accumulate a substantial income to his name.

Apart from acting and moonshining, Tim Smith is a superb musician and writer.

Moonshiners Tim Smith Net Worth

Moonshiners’ Tim Smith’s net worth is estimated to be about $300,000. The highest percentage of his total net worth is thanks to his current career.  

Image of Moonshiners cast Tim Smith net worth is $300,000

Moonshiners cast Tim Smith net worth is $300,000

As of now, wiki-bio has not revealed the exact amount of salary the celebrity is paid. But as we all know, television personalities earn a good fortune.

Besides acting, Tim Smith is also a singer and a writer. This has not only given him a name but has also contributed to his net worth.

His brand of moonshine is also earning him a good income. As its consumption increases over the years, the celeb’s net worth will automatically rise.

Tim Smith from Moonshiners Married to a Wife. Any Children?

Moonshiners’ Tim Smith is married to his beloved wife Shelby Smith. The two married in 1986 and have been together for more than three decades now.

Image of Tim Smith with his wife Shelby Smith

Tim Smith with his wife, Shelby Smith

The moonshiner’s wife, Shelby works in a school as a nutritionist.  She is also considered a spiritual person who is very zealous in church activities. Moreover, she also engages herself in community work.

Image of Moonshiners Tim Smith with his son Jonathan Tucker Smith

Moonshiners Tim Smith with his son Jonathan Tucker Smith

Concerning children, the couple is blessed with one boy child. He is named Jonathan Tucker Smith, commonly called JT. JT volunteers himself in fire fighting just like his dad.

The couple is amongst the happy celeb families with no prospects of divorce whatsoever.

Quick Facts about Moonshiners Tim Smith

Name Tim Smith
Age 60
Birthdate October 16, 1958
Birthplace West Covina, California
Nationality Not known
Ethnicity Not known
Parents Gil Robbins and Mary Robbins
Siblings 3 (Gabrielle, Adelle, and David)
Career TV personality, Moonshiner
Net worth $300,000
Wife Shelby Smith
Children 1 (Jonathan Tucker Smith (JT)
Body measurements Not known

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