Josh Owens “Moonshiners” Wiki/Bio, Net Worth, Wife, Kids, Injury

Josh Owens is a popular actor in the Discovery docudrama, Moonshiners. He is also a former professional motocross racer.

In this article, we have outlined details of the celeb’s net worth, wife, kids, and injury.


Josh Owens born on August 28, 1977, and he is 41 years old. According to wiki-bio, he was born in Columbus, North Carolina in the United States.  

He was born as the first born child to his mother Cindy Owens. He has a younger sister named Chelsea Morris. Her sister celebrates her birthday on October 15th.

Image of Josh Owens with his mother Cindy Owens

Josh Owens with his mother, Cindy Owens

There are no details about his father in the wiki-bio sources. In 2011, his mother died. The mother died at the age of 50 years.

The memories of his mother are still fresh in his mind. He frequently shares the pictures of her on Facebook. The TV star has his residence currently in Asheville, North Carolina.


Josh Owens was introduced to the television career by his late friend Barney Barnwell. Barney Barnwell was a popular local moonshiner. Josh Owens accredits him as his mentor into brewing.

Josh Owens’ opportunity to appear in the Moonshiners came after the sad demise of Barney. Barney was to be the official cast in the show. He had an idea of building an underground still for the moonshiners’ project. With this, he had requested Josh Owens to do the building work.

Image of Josh Owens from Moonshiners show

Josh Owens from Moonshiners show

Two weeks after the initiation of the project, Barney Barnwell died. Josh Owens and a friend, Bill Canny proceeded with the work in honor of Barney.

The producers of the docudrama, Moonshiners were impressed by the work these folks did. They were readily requested to join the cast of the Moonshiners.

Josh Owens first appearance in the show was in November 2012. The series was in its second season. He is a cast member in the series to present.

Previously, Josh Owens was a professional Motocross racer. He engaged in competitive racing in NCHSA and GNCC. In 2003, he was awarded the 250-C championship in NCHSA. In 2004, he won the 250-B championship. And in 2005, he won a 250-A championship.

His passion in the racing career is there to date. In 2016, he joined the Southeast Gassers association (SGA). He used a 1953 Chevy Gasser for his racer but later sold it at the close of 2017.

The celebrity also worked as Lumberjack. He is in possession of tree and Yard Busters in Polk County.

Josh Owens Moonshiners Net Worth

Moonshiner Josh Owens has an estimated net worth of $500,000. His net worth is as a result of his appearances on the Moonshiners series. Also, his motocross racer career and other ventures have contributed much to his net worth.

Image of Josh Owens from Moonshiners cast net worth is $500,000

Josh Owens from Moonshiners cast net worth is $500,000

Josh Owens Married, Wife, Children

Josh Owens has children called Elizabeth Reese Owens. However, his love life appears to be complicated in a way. He has not come clean with the public on his married status, wife or children.

We are not certain whether the celebrity has other kids unknown to the public or not.

Image of Josh Owens with his ex-girlfriend Amber and daughter Reese Owens

Josh Owens with his ex-girlfriend Amber and daughter Reese Owens

He was previously linked to a lady named Amber Layne Gabric. The two were spotted together in public severally.

As for now, the two broke up and the lady moved on with another guy. There is no trusted information in wiki- bio sources as to whether she was his wife. Neither has it been confirmed whether she was the mother to the kid.

Josh Owens Dead or Alive? His Accident and Injury Updates

Josh Owens is not dead. He has however encountered a series of accidents which left him with injuries. Recently on 16th March 2018, he was involved in a motorcycle accident during Daytona Bike Week. The injuries sustained led to his hospitalization at Halifax Health Medical Center.

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Previously in 2016, he was involved in another accident. The injuries mostly affected his index finger. This accident happened due to an explosion of a grinding wheel.  

Quick Facts about Josh Owens Moonshiners

Name Josh Owens
Age 41
Birthdate August 28, 1977
Birthplace Columbus, North Carolina, United States
Nationality Not known
Ethnicity Not known
Parents Cindy Owens (mother)
Siblings Not known
Career Television Actor, Former Motocross Racer
Net worth $500,000
Wife Not known
Children Elizabeth Reese Owens
Body measurements Not known

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