Chico Moonshiner Wiki-Bio, Net Worth, Wife, Kids, Teeth

Chico is a renowned reality television actor. He is famous for his appearance in the Discovery Channel’s Moonshiners series.

His life away from the camera is quite amazing. Get to know him better from his wiki-bio below. His superb moonshining skills have earned him a very admirable net worth.

Despite his unattractive teeth arrangement, he has a beautiful wife and kids.


According to wiki-bio, Moonshiner Chico was born as Matthew Louis Tungate. He is currently 34 years of age having been born on January 6, 1985.

His birthplace is Gravel Switch, Kentucky in the United States of America.  In his upbringing, he familiarized himself with horse riding. From this, he developed a strong love for Horse Trail Ride.

It appears that most of the celeb’s personal details have been concealed from the public. Wiki has not yet uncovered his academic qualifications.

Neither has it disclosed the close people affiliated to the moonshiner like parents or siblings. He uniquely stands out for his hot red hair


Chico’s career in the Moonshiners began in 2013. He officially joined the cast of the reality docudrama and continues to work in it to date.

He was introduced into the moonshining profession by Tim Smith. His comedian nature and an open heart were the major attributes that led to his hiring.

Image of Chico from Moonshiners show

Chico from Moonshiners show

According to wiki-bio, Chico previously pursued a delivery profession.

Besides brewing and slinging shine, Chico races traditional Kentucky Trotter Horses. He normally does this during his free time.

There are no further details in the wiki sources as far as his career is concerned.

Chico Moonshiners Net Worth

Chico moonshiner’s current net worth is estimated to be $200,000.

Image of Moonshiners cast Chico net worth is $200,000

Moonshiners cast Chico net worth is $200,000

His net worth is attributed to the Moonshiners reality series.  As of now, his exact salary is not yet established. However, as a long time cast member, he is receiving a good income.

Brewing and selling the moonshine liquor is also another contribution to his net worth.

Chico Married, Wife, Children

Chico is married to his beautiful wife Cassondra Thompson. In most cases, his wife is referred to as Sandra especially in the Moonshiners cast.

Image of Moonshiners cast Chico with his wife Cassondra Thompson

Moonshiners cast Chico with his wife,f Cassondra Thompson

She appears alongside her husband in the show, aiding him in brewing and slinging shine. One common thing about this couple is the big tattoos on their arms.

The couple has been married for years now. So far, this couple has been blessed with two children.  One child is a boy while the other is a girl.

Their firstborn is the girl, Alena and was born in September 2009.  The second born is a boy named Waylon.

Image of Moonshiners cast Chico wife Cassondra Thompson and their kids

Moonshiners cast Chico wife Cassondra Thompson and their kids

Chico’s wife looks far much younger than him. However, the wiki reveals that Cassondra is seven months older than Chico. Her actual birthdate is May 30, 1984.

This indeed is a blissful couple. Chico has his wife and kids at heart. Once in a while, he shares posts on Facebook regarding the importance of a family.

Chico Weight Loss and Teeth

Chico’s teeth are quite unordered. This is one thing that makes him distinct from others. Some people describe this factor as horrible.

Comparing him and his wife Sandra, some fans nullify their matching. However, teeth are a minor consideration when it comes to love and marriage.

Some wiki sources have in fact recommended a denture for him. The celeb has said nothing so far concerning the condition of his teeth.

As of now, there is no information disclosing his weight loss or body measurements.

Quick Facts about Chico Moonshiner

Name Matthew Louis Tungate
Age 34
Birthdate January 06, 1985
Birthplace Gravel Switch, Kentucky, United States
Nationality Not known
Ethnicity Not known
Parents Not known
Siblings Not known
Career TV Personality, Moonshiner
Net worth $200,000
Wife Cassondra Thompson (Sandra)
Children 2 (Alena and Waylon)
Body measurements Not known

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