Who is Kal Penn’s wife? Or still dating a girlfriend? Or Is He A Gay?

Kal Penn (originally Kalpen Suresh Modi is a well-known celebrity of today. He is known for his tremendous success in acting, as well as for being Associate Director of Public Engagement in White House office for President Obama. During the time, he had flashed up in the news channels saying that he was in a relationship with Obama considering that he was a gay.

But is he really gay? If not whom is he dating? Let’s open up to the suspense now.

Kal Penn wife, girlfriend and dating history

Peeping into his personal life, we see him very popular with his movies. Talking about relationship status, in 2015, Kal Penn shared a good chemistry with his on-screen love Miranda Rae Mayo in the movie ‘THE GIRL IN THE PHOTOGRAPH’. But she wasn’t Kal Penns’s girlfriend. Noting more than a movie romance. He had also shared a photograph in Twitter with Mayo. But off screen, the relationship never seemed to be rumored. So it’s hard to tell if their relationship ever went far up to being girlfriend and boyfriend.

Besides, his on-screen affair, in 2016, few pictures were spotted on his Instagram with Italia Ricci, the designated supervisor in the ABC network. Those pictures went viral on social media considering the two to be probably dating each other. Since no concrete evidence was ever spotted, so no further allegations were made on both of them. The picture was originally taken for entertainment purpose between the two co-workers, or probably two good friends. So ladies, Good news Kal Penn is not married yet and doesn’t have a wife. Honestly, he doesn’t even have any dating affair with any girlfriend.

American TV series 'Designated Survivor' stars Kal Penn and Italia Ricci rumored to be boyfriend and girlfriend in real life

Caption: Kal Penn with his co-star Italia Ricci from ‘Designated Survivor’

Also, in 2008 a rumor went viral about Kal being a gay and dating President Obama. A gay newspaper had given a support to the news by printing Obama’s picture on the cover magazine. The rumor peaked telling that Kal had to move out of the White House soon in 2009 after being sexually harassed.

However, no accurate information for Kal getting involved with Obama got identified. So, the fake news took an overturn.

 Net Worth and Source of Income

Born to Indian immigrants, Kal had a simple but traditional childhood. Today, the talented person is a successful actor. Originally known as Kalpen Modi, Kal is today a $15-million-worth man according to a report of 2016. Being born in America, Penn has made a huge success of himself through his ‘Hollywood’ as well as ‘Bollywood’ movies. Besides, he is also known for his work as an Associate Director for Obama administration in Public Engagement. The credit of being $15-million-worth today completely goes to his passion for his work as well as his hard work.

Family, Siblings

Born to Indian immigrants, Penn was grown up in a traditional Indian family. Both his parents are Indian immigrants who belonged to Gujarati community.

His mother Asmita Modi is a Fragrance evaluator and his father, Suresh Modi is an engineer. His younger brother Pulin Modi works as a senior campaigner at change.org. His mother Asmita has a master’s degree in chemistry.

His parents dreamed of their son being a doctor or lawyer instead, young Kalpen pursued his dream of being a performer.

 Career and Rise to Fame.

His film career started with Express: Aisle to Glory in 1988. Since then he began using the name Kal Penn believing that this unique English name would scare away potential employers and would give his a greater fame.

Modi won Asian Excellence Award for Outstanding Actor for his splendid work in the film ‘THE NAMESAKE’. He was also nominated for an MTV Movie Award (for Harold & Kumar), a Screen Actors Guild Award (as part of the east of House), and a Teen Choice Award (for Harold & Kumar).

 Age, Bio

Born on April 23, 1977, the 40-year-old American talent is an actor, producer, chef and civil servant who have worked in almost 35 movies since 1988 and almost 25 television shows. He made an entry into the Hollywood through his movie EXPRESS: AISLE TO GLORY where he has played the role of Jackie Newton. But he is mainly known for his role as Kumar Patel in his movie “Harold and Kumar” and as Laurence Kutner in his television Fox medical drama House.

On January 2017, Penn won the ‘Master Chef Celebrity Showdown’ and donated the entire $25,000 cash prize to Palestinian Refugees. This proves how good of a human he really is. Besides, he has done a lot of social works and has also donated many funds to the needy people and refugees all around the world.

His respect and empathetic personality and hard work is always to be praised and is the reason for his success today. Definitely, this is also the reason for his being a $-15- million worth man.

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