Maggie Lawson: Long Time James Roday’s Girlfriend But Seperated Before Getting Married.

Actors do not always make us happy; sometimes they break our hearts by ending our favorite shows of them and breaking off a beautiful relationship with a loved partner. ‘Psych’ for example was an adored show starring James Roday who broke a lot of hearts not just by ending the show but also breaking off with one of his co-stars and also putting an end to an audience loved couple.

Married or Just Dating:

Yes, we are not talking about anybody else but his ‘Psych’ co-star Maggie Lawson. They met and fell in love on the sets of ‘Psych’ as they were shooting. They had started dating from 2006 and dated for more than 7 years. But as fans of James or ‘Psych’s may already know that they broke it off. Even after 7 years of being together both on and off-screen, the two could not work it out and eventually broke it off in 2014.

Beautiful picture of Psych star James Roday and his girlfriend Maggie Lawson

Caption: Maggie Lawson with her co-star boyfriend James Roday in media presents for ‘Psych’

Source: Zimbio

So, the couple was not just separated off-screen but the same year ‘Psych’ also finished it’s season-ending their on-screen romance. This disappointed a lot of fans who would’ve loved for James to get married to Maggie and see her as his wife rather than his girlfriend. Maggie did eventually get married but to another actor, Benjamin Koldyke.

Benjamin Koldyke and his beautiful wife Maggie Lawson seen happy together

Caption: Maggie Lawson with her real life husband Benjamin Koldyke

Source: Famous Fix

She started dating him a little while after separating from James and Koldyke after a year became her husband on 8th August 2014.

Any Previous Girlfriend?

A successful actor and director as well as a handsome guy, James must have a large list of love interests and girlfriends, right? Wrong, while we can’t say for sure but James has not been seen with a single other girlfriend or romantic encounter with anybody other that Maggie Lawson. He even has had only one on-screen match-up with co-star Rachel Leigh Cook from ‘Psych’. Other than that James’s dating history is completely dry and had nothing for us to scoop.

His Short Bio:

James Roday was born on April 4, 1976, in San Antonio, Texas, the USA known originally as James David Rodriguez. He started his career as an actor starring in various TV series and movies like ‘The Dukes of Hazzard’, ‘Get Real’, ‘Psych’ and ‘Christmas Eve’.

James Roday dancing step scene in 'Psych' Musical

Caption: James Roday in ‘Psych’ Musical

Source: The Hollywood Reporter

In later days he has also taken up to directing and screenwriting; alongside his own show, ‘Psych’ he has directed several episodes in TV shows like ‘Rush Hour’, ‘Rosewood’ and ‘Battle Creek’. It is due to his multi-talented nature he has an astounding net worth estimated to be somewhere around 3 million dollars.

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