Adrienne Armstrong: Billie Joe Armstrong’s Wife And Mother of 2 kids

Who doesn’t know about the famous rock band of all times “THE GREEN DAY”? Well, if you are a fan of it, you probably are a fan of Billie Joe Armstrong, the great vocalist, and guitarist! The famous American singer has always stayed in the heart of every music lovers. Along with music, with his beautiful wife Adrienne, Billie has made his family life too a successful one.

Who is Adrienne? And how did she make a change in Billie’s life? Aren’t we curious to know that? We definitely are!

Billie Joe Armstrong and Adrienne Armstrong’s married life

Before meeting Adrienne, Billie had already dated two other women Eric and Amanda to which he couldn’t make up for a long time. When Amanda had dumped him, he was completely broken and suicidal.

Billie and Armstrong, who met each other in 1990 at one of the Green Day’s early performances in Minneapolis, Minnesota, dated each other since then. They got married on July 2, 1994, and two days later after their marriage, Adrienne discovered that she was expecting a baby soon which had brought a stronger bond in between the two couples.

Billie and Adrienne Armstrong Wedding

Billie and Adrienne Armstrong, Back in 1994 on their Wedding day.

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In an interview when they both were asked about how they met, it was discovered that Billie had gone to Minnesota for a performance where Adrienne had come for watching the show. Billie laicized a beautiful lady who had long black dreadlocks and he couldn’t stay unfocused to her.

He says, “Adrienne was something that that has nothing to do with my band and I was totally in love with her and I wanted to spend the rest of my life with her.”

After the show, Adrienne went up to Billie to ask him where she could find the Band’s records. She gave him her phone number and told him to call her and tell where she could find the song.

But the phone call conversation became a really long conversation as the two youngsters ended up discussing Adrienne’s Human Sexuality class.

After few months of this performance, Billie had organized his show once again in the Midwest part of the country just to see Adrienne where he ended up kissing her.

Billie and Adrienne kissing

Billy Joe Armstrong kissing his wife Adrienne.

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Adrienne says that the moment was very sweet and exciting and that she loved the song that he had written for her.

She says, “We didn’t think about it, we just did it.”

Billie Joe has four photo booth style portraits of his wife tatted on his forearm. Even today, their relationship seems set in stone.

Family, kids

The gorgeous Adrienne Armstrong loves her family. With two kids Joseph Marciano Armstrong and Jacob Danger Armstrong, the couples have made a heavenly life together.

Adrienne Armstrong Family

Adrienne Armstrong With her Husband Billie Joy Armstrong and Kids Joseph Marciano Armstrong and Jacob Danger Armstrong.


Her son Joseph Marciano Armstrong is a drummer in the famous Berkeley-based punk band SWMRS. Her second son Jacob Danger Armstrong is a guitarist, a singer, and a songwriter.

She posted in 2013 September on her Facebook wall,  I’m so thankful that I have such an amazing family, I have two wonderful boys who I love and adore with my life, and I have the most amazing husband in the world. I love you guys!’

Such an adorable post proves her to be the nicest mother, amazing wife, and a good human being.

Profession and Career

The 47-year-old gorgeous lady, Adrienne, was a co-worker of Adeline Records present in Adeline Street and also a co-worker of her own boutique Atomic Garden in Oakland, California which she had founded in 2006 along with Jamie Kidson.

The plan for boutique came up between the two mothers in 2006 when they met each other on a soccer field while their children were playing. They shared a common thing in them, i.e., balanced motherhood and a good fashion sense. So, together they decided to pursue with fashion and retail.

Adrienne has in her own words, “an eclectic fashion sense,” wearing what she likes whether it was from Christion Dior, Target, or a Thrift store.

Besides, she was also an avid supporter of ‘Habitat for Humanity’, an international NGO devoted to building an affordable housing for the poor.

Wiki Type Bio

Born on 6th October 1969 in Minneapolis, Minnesota of United States, Adrienne Nesser was raised up in her hometown. Her brother Steve Nesser was a professional American Skateboarder.

She had been working as a social activist until she got married. Before fame, she had attended Minnesota State University where she attended a degree in Sociology.

The beautiful lady, Adrienne has been married to Billie Joe Armstrong for 23 years now. Maintaining a balanced life in between family and her job, she has always been a role model to every woman.

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