Know the Net Worth of YouTube star Jaclyn Hill! Also more about her MakeUp tutorials, Age & Boyfriend!

For all the girls and women out there who are concerned about their beauty and find themselves in need of a quick and free of cost makeup tutorial, Youtube has been a life saver. Youtube sensations like Jaclyn Hill are one of such popular makeup stylist who has gone as far as to start her own highlighter and palette line. But is she married or does she have a boyfriend? And what is her net worth?

Jaclyn Hill Net Worth

Jaclyn Hill has been one of the most successful Youtube personalities in terms of makeup tutorial videos. She has over 4.2 million subscribers in her Youtube with some of her most popular videos crossing 4 million views. So, you can see she has come a long way from starting her Youtube channel from only since 2011.

She even has even created her own line of Highlights called ‘Champagne Pop Highlights’ in collaboration with Becca Cosmetics. Thus it was known as Becca X Jaclyn Hill. She also created another line of eye shadow palette in collaboration with Morphe Cosmetics in 2015. After positive feedback, she again created another palette with help from Morphe Cosmetics once again in June 2017.


Caption: Her videos explaining Morphe Palette tips

Due to her such type of both growing popularity and success, she has reached a great level of economic standard. Jaclyn Hill has an estimated net worth of about 1.5 million dollars.

Jaclyn’s Married Life, Husband, Boyfriend.

When it comes to her personal or private life, Jaclyn is not that secretive but still only gives out what she wants us to know. She neither has a boyfriend nor is she dating anyone because she is already married. Yes, she is already married to her longtime boyfriend, Jon Hill. They had their indoor wedding back in 29th August 2009. Jon even has posted a video montage of their wedding back in 2009 where she is almost unrecognizable in her 2009 version when she was a natural blonde.

Jon Hill hugging his beautiful wife Jaclyn Hill

Caption: Jaclyn Hill with her husband Jon Hill

Her husband, Jon Hill is also a fellow Youtube personality in the line of music. He is actually a very talented drummer who also works for various bands as well as teaches kids. He is one good catch for Jaclyn as they seem to have a very good relationship. He is understanding of the fact that she doesn’t want any children.

One of the most viewed and liked the video in her youtube channel is the one titled ‘Husband Does My Make-up’ featuring Jon doing make-up on Jaclyn. If that wasn’t adorable enough for exchanges on social media then look at this tweet where Jaclyn mentions Jon as ‘husband of the year’.

Her Bio, age.

Jaclyn Hill originally known as Jaclyn Roxanne Eilers was born on 20th July 1990 in Illinois, USA to parents James and Robin Eilers. As of 2017, she is 27 years old. She has 2 siblings and her father was a farmer until an accident severely injured his leg and he found a higher calling to work as a missionary. She remains separated from him after his divorce with her mother in 2012. She still has a good relationship with her mother who is also her manager.

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