“The Last Alaskans” Ashley Selden Wiki/Bio, Baby, Net Worth, Facts of Tyler Selden’s Wife.

I don’t know of your favorite show on the Discovery Channel but am sure that the Last Alaskans show is among your favorite shows on this Channel. For every show, there must be that one character who drives the fans crazy, and for the Last Alaskan show, this character is none other than Ashley Selden. Many have yearned to know about Ashley Selden’s net worth with no avail.

In case this was you, luck seems to be with you today because this detail is contained in this great piece. Other details forming this article are the starts age, height, weight, family and bio. Let’s first begin with knowing Ashley Selden’s husband and children if she has any.

Ashley Selden Married to Husband, Tyler Selden and Had a Baby

If you were hoping that she is single, bad news guys. The queen is taken. Ashley Selden’s husband is also a popular face as he is also part of the Alaskans family. Yes! You got that right. Ashley Selden’s husband is the handsome Tyler Selden. Information about the gentleman will be handled separately on this site hence you can consider checking it out once you are done with the detail of this queen. Their exact wedding date is not known, but the couple has in their marriage been blessed with the gift of a cute baby girl named Sydney.

Image of Ashley Selden with her husband Tyler Selden and their baby

Ashley Selden with her husband, Tyler Selden and their baby

You are wrong if you think that the duo met in the show. Tyler Selden met the queen while they were in college. After their graduation, they decided to move to Alaska and live a life full of adventure. Perhaps their love for the wilderness is what brought them together. So far there have been no relationship scandals between the two stars. We hope that Ashley Selden’s husband takes good care of his family and that death is the reason to separate him from his beloved wife.

The Last Alaskans Ashley Selden Net Worth

Different sites have provided different quotations about Ashley Selden’s net worth. This is because the star has not come clear on the net worth she pockets. According to most reputable sources, Ashley Selden’s net worth is approximately $500,000. Her primary source of income is the last Alaskans TV show. It is not known if, besides the TV show income, Ashley Selden’s net worth emanates elsewhere.

Image of Ashley Selden from The Last Alaskans net worth is $500,000

Ashley Selden from The Last Alaskans net worth is $500,000

How old is Ashley Selden? Age, Birthdate, Birthplace

Bodies can be deceiving. If you are to judge this ‘The Last AlaskanscastAshley Selden age from her body size, then you will end up thinking she is older. If you take a close look at a face, however, you can’t help but notice a cute young appearance. So what is her age? The mother of one was born on the last day of July in 1984. If you are a guru in mathematics, you don’t need to be told that as of 2018, Ashley Selden’s age is 34.

Career and Early Life

Ashley Selden’s early life details are yet to be revealed. For all we know, the queen was not born in Alaska. She relocated to this region alongside her husband as soon as they were done with college life. Surprisingly, their departure to Alaska marked the beginning of Bob Harte career life. Influencing this is the fact that while in Alaska, she got the opportunity of being featured in the Last Alaskan show. This was, however, three years after her arrival in Alaska.

What happened is that she was at a trapping camp in the Arctic River alongside The Last Alaskans family and just like that they decided to begin something great and that was the Last Alaskans show which first aired on 25th May 2015s. Since then the reality TV program has been part of her life.

Besides her TV career, the queen also has a career in farming and the likes. This began after they bought a huge piece of vegetable garden with his husband. Along with this, they also rear poultry including but not limited to Turkey and Chicken.


The star is the daughter of David Laidig and Theresa Laidig. She may be having some siblings, but this information is yet to be revealed to the public. Growing up, the queen was raised in Lake Crystal. Concerning her education and early life very little is known. For instance, there are no details about her high school life or where she attended and completed her high school, but we trust that she successfully graduated from high school. This is because she later joined and graduated from a college in Duluth rooted in Minnesota in 2006. Concerning her nationality and ethnicity, the mother of one is American categorizing in the white ethnicity.

Name Ashley Selden
Age 34
Birthdate July 31, 1984
Birthplace USA
Parents David & Theresa Laidig
Nationality American
Ethnicity White
Career TV personality
Net worth $500,000
Husband Tyler Selden
Children 1
Height Not Known
Weight Not Known

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