Is Marty Lagina Married? Know his Wife, Net Worth, Wiki, Bio, Children

Airing on History Channel, ‘The Curse of Oak Island’ ranks among the best reality television series. Influencing this is its composition of amazing cast members including Marty Lagina. If you have been yearning to get to know this star better, then, this is the article to stick to as it does not only disclose Marty Lagina’s net worth but goes a step further and gives details about Marty Lagina’s wife and children.

Before getting into these details, however, let’s first have a look at who this star is in the first section which focuses on his bio, early life as well as his childhood.


Conceived on the 26th day of August 1955 in Kingsford, Michigan rooted in the upper peninsula, Marty Lagina is the proud son of George Jacob Lagina and Anne Lagina. He was raised alongside his two siblings Martina Lagina (sister) and Rick Lagina (brother). The star has disclosed nothing about his childhood.

As for his education,  the television reality star attended and graduated from the Michigan Technological University with a bachelor’s of science. This was in 1977. Five years later (1982), the gentleman joined Law School at the University of Michigan. Here, he concentrated on consulting work for engineering firms.


As you’ll see before the end of the article, Marty Lagina’s net worth is quite a handful, and all this could not be the case if not for his career. Before the fame he currently enjoys, back then in 1982, Marty Lagina owned an oil and gas production and exploration company called Terra Energy Limited. In 1990, his company ranked among the pioneering companies in extracting natural gas. In spite of all the success the company gave Marty, he decided to overlook all this and sold the company in 1955 to the CMS Energy firm for $60 million.

Image of Engineer, Marty Lagina

Engineer, Marty Lagina

Almost immediately after selling the firm, the celebrity alongside his siblings developed an interest in Oak Island Tours earthed in Canada. Their interest was as a result of the theory they had heard of the Oak Island having a multitude of treasures. Before making any wrong move, they did thorough background information and came across the Restall Family article about the money pit which revolved around the Oak Island hidden treasures.

Years later, the Prometheus Entertainment requested the siblings to do a reality show, and there, that is how the reality TV series The Curse of Oak Island: Drilling Down which began approximately two years ago.

Is Marty Lagina Married? Meet his Wife and Children

Marty Lagina is married to his beautiful wife, Olivia Lagina. It’s challenging to expound more on their dating history and wedding day as the couple has been successful in keeping this part of their life a secret. This said, not much is also known about Marty Lagina married life with wife. The little information is that she blessed the star with two children a boy and a girl named Alex Lagina and Maddie Lagina respectively. Alex ‘s desire was not far from his fathers as he pursued engineering. As a result, he is currently the manager of Villa Mari Vineyard situated in Michigan in Italy. The company is a family company.

Image of Marty Lagina with his wife Olivia Lagina and their kids

Marty Lagina with his wife, Olivia Lagina, and their kids

You must have seen him on the reality show because he has once in a while made appearances on the show. As for the daughter, no information is known. Based on the family photo posted by Maddie Lagina on 10th April 2018 on Facebook, there is no denying that the star is enjoying a sweet family life with his children and beloved wife.

Marty Lagina Net Worth

From being a successful businessperson to being an engineer and presently a reality television star, you cant expect Marty Lagina’s net worth to be little. As documented in, in 2014 when the show was still taking baby steps the star used to pocket a net worth of only $2 million. Presently however the margin has increased tremendously. This is because Marty Lagina’s net worth as of 2018 is an estimated $100 million. You can imagine what the figure will be in the next couple of years given the business tactics and growth the gentleman employs and accomplishes each year.

Image of Engineer, Martin Lagina net worth is $100 million

The Curse of Oak Island cast, Martin Lagina net worth is $100 million

What is Marty Lagina doing now?

Off the camera, the gentleman produces royal wine all over America. This is because of his passion for devising a way of producing wine using grapes through green energy. Along with this, spends some time in his wind turbine Company. For the record, this is among the largest wind companies in states of Michigan. To find more about the celebrity you can easily follow him on his social media platforms or keep checking this site for a more exciting feel about this gentleman.

Quick Facts about Marty Lagina

Name Marty Lagina
Age 63
Birthdate August 26, 1955
Birthplace Kingsford, Michigan
Parents Ann & George Jacob Lagina
Siblings Matina and Alex Lagina
Nationality American
Ethnicity White
Career TV personality
Net worth $100 million
Wife Olivia Lagina
Children 2

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