Sunlen Serfaty Wikipedia, Husband, Married, Pregnant, Ethnicity, Net Worth, Height

It could be true that so many people have never heard of Sunlen Serfaty. Well, she is not as famous as Beyonce and Rihanna. However, Sunlen is a much-respected figure in the field of politics. All the discussions about this vibrant and interesting political personality have always proven to be not only entertaining but also very educative. This article will explore some of the vital facts about Sunlen; her wiki-bio, ethnicity, net worth, height, relationship status and of course the much-hyped pregnancy.

Sunlen Serfaty Pregnant And Welcomes Baby? Who Is Her Husband?

Sunlen’s pregnancy is one that has stirred a lot of conversation. With the pressure and publicity that comes with journalism, most of the newsroom mums have to find a way of dealing with the physical and emotional challenges that come with pregnancy. The bottom line is that the juggle is not an easy one.

Sometimes, the attention and curiosity from the members of the public could be so overwhelming and perhaps annoying. Most of the presents and anchors have always admitted that the pregnancies stop them from performing up to the desired expectations. It is a period characterized by fatigue and countless instances of emotional breakdown.

For Sunlen, motherhood has been such a great blessing to her life. The couple delivered a bouncing baby girl. The famous political news anchor admits that she enjoyed both the pregnancy period and her present state of parenthood. She says that the experience of being a mother is one that she does not regret. The birth of her baby has brought so much joy in her life. It was last year when she delivered the baby with her husband, Alexis Serfaty.

Image of Sunlen Serfaty with her husband Alexis Serfaty.

Sunlen Serfaty with her husband, Alexis Serfaty

The two lovebirds decided to name their baby Roosevelt. There is nothing presidential about the baby’s name. Sunlen and Alexis decided to name their child after their favorite spot, the Rose Park. It was here that they first met. The place, therefore, reminds them of the days when they were deeply in love’ Of course they are still in love.

Image of Sunlen Seraty with her baby

Sunlen Seraty with her baby

Funnily, Sunlen never told the public that she was expectant. Perhaps she was not ready for the publicity that would come with it. Before people, she had already posted a picture of her and the daughter on the bed. The father was standing beside them, looking so proud and happy. The picture caught the public flat-footed.

Sunlen Serfaty Married Life

Sunlen married Alexis back in 2013. The marriage was after several years of dating and getting to know each other. The two had met seven years earlier at a political fundraiser. Just by the first sight, Alexis automatically knew that Sunlen was the right woman for him. Unfortunately, the newly found lovebirds had to stay away from each other for a year after the first date. Sunlen moved to Washington to cover Barrack Obama’s presidential campaigns.

Once the campaigns were over, Sunlen came back, and the flame was re-ignited. Despite the several challenges that every relationship comes with, Alexis and Sunlen managed to stand the test of time. It has been five years of marriage, and the couple is happy that it happened. At this moment, all we can do is to wish them more years of satisfaction and true happiness.

Sunlen Serfaty Net Worth, Age, Career

Born in 1981, Sunlen is currently 37 years old. She came from a family of very hardworking parents. It is, therefore, no wonder that Sunlen treasures hard work. The fact that she has achieved so much yet is still so young makes it reasonable to believe that she is destined for greater things.

Sunlen began her career as a junior general assignment reporter working for the ‘weekends.’ Here, she could cover emerging stories in collaboration with the ABC associate in Washington D.C. Sunlen then became a reporter of the ABC news. At ABC her area of focus was the U.S Senate. With the inauguration of President Barrack Obama, Sunlen began reporting for the White House.

It is at the ABC that Sunlen built the greatest chunk of her career. Here she played different roles that eventually saw her build an undisputable reputation. Throughout her career, Sunlen Serfaty’s greatest achieved has been the Emmy Award.

Image of Sunlen Serfaty net worth is not available

Sunlen Serfaty net worth is not available

It is estimated that Sunlen’s annual salary is $126,000.  However, her overall net worth is yet to be known.

Sunlen Serfaty Body Measurement: Height, Weight, Feet

Sunlen was born in Richmond, Virginia in the United States. She is aged 37. Sunlen is six feet tall. Her weight is not known to the public. Sunlen prefers to keep her personal life so far away from the glares of the public.

Image of Sunlen Serfaty height is six feet tall

Sunlen Serfaty is six feet tall

Ethnicity, Nationality, Real Name

Sunlen is an American of Caucasian origin. Sunlen does not have any known nickname. The fact that Sunlen has all these years decided not to expose so much of her personal life makes her quite a mysterious personality. She prefers to enjoy all the private moments by herself.

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