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Boston Russell comes from a family of great achievers. He is the first born son of Kurt Russell. Boston is commonly known as Kurt Russell’s son. In as much as Boston was born in a family of celebrities, he has over the years preferred to maintain a very low profile. He keeps his personal affairs away from the public. This is unlike his half-brother, Wyatt Russell, who instead prefers to enjoy all the limelight that the public gives to his family. It is due to his reserved nature that the public has always become curious about the happenings in Boston’s life.

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Boston Russell Net Worth, Career

Contrary to the popular expectations, Boston Russell has not been involved so much in acting. However, he has over the years made some appearances on movies and TV shows. One of his most outstanding appearances was in the movie ‘Executive Decision.’ Most of the fans praised him for the wonderful job. That was way back in 1996. Two years later, he again participated in the movies, ’60 minutes’. This time around, he was again lauded for the creativity and perfect job done. However, he soon quit his acting career. He has since then been passive in the acting industry, preferring to do everything from the background.

In as much as Boston Russell did not proceed with his journey in acting, he has been performing some duties behind the curtains. He has helped his father maintain his reputation as a legendary actor. Boston’s father is one of the most respected actors in Hollywood.

Image of Boston Russell net worth is currently not available

Boston Russell net worth is not available

Boston’s family has been in Hollywood for so many years. The family wealth is at an approximate $70 million. Nobody knows Boston’s particular share in all these.

Boston Russell Father, Kurt Russell. Family and Siblings

Boston’s parents are Kurt Russell and Season Hubley. Boston Russell’s father met his mother in 1979 when he was playing a role in the movie ‘Presley’ as Elvis. The season was playing the opposite role as Priscilla. The two decided to practice that particular movie in real life. It ended up in a marriage and Boston was born a year later. Unfortunately, the marriage only lasted for four years, and Kurt Russell decided to get a new date. Boston’s mother did the same for herself. The new lady was known as Goldie Hawn. Interestingly, the two never got married but have always been in a romantic relationship ever since.

Image of Boston Russell with his family

Boston Russell with his family

Because Kurt Russell has been dating Goldie Hawn, who had two daughters from her previous marriage, Boston can comfortably refer to Kate Hudson and Oliver Hudson as his sisters. Moreover, Boston has a half-brother, Wyatt Russell. He is the only biological child between Goldie and Kurt Russell. Born in 1986, Wyatt is an expert ice hockey player. He has a wife named Sanne Hammers. The two met in the Netherlands.

Boston Russell does not talk so much about his life in the media. He chooses to keep everything confidential. From the look of things, he could be married, probably with children. However, nobody can say this with so much certainty. Boston looks pretty straight. All the same, he has never come out publicly to discuss his sexual orientation. There are those who have come to believe that he is gay while others think that he is so straight. He has maintained his silence on this particular issue.

Boston Russell Real Name, Age, DOB

Boston Russell was born on the 16th of February 1980. He is therefore currently 38 years old. He is a citizen of the United States of America. Boston is 5 feet and 11 inches tall. Boston has been nicknamed as the Star Kid.

"Image of Boston Russell height

Kurt Russell’s son, Boston Russell is 38 years old and 5 inches 11 feet tall

He was born in Los Angeles, somewhere in California. Boston has a very mixed ethnicity. He is Scottish, Irish, German and English. Maybe, it is due to his mixed background that Boston has developed a very reserved character.

Boston Russell Dating Life. What is he doing now?

Contrary to the habit of the rest of his family members, Boston prefers to tuck in his private life away from the public. Boston has never told anyone of his dating affairs. It is due to this element of mystery that most people have always wanted to know more about him. All of Boston’s other siblings are already married with children.

It is quite difficult to know the happenings in Boston’s private life. Nobody can accurately tell what Boston is currently doing. On the career side, Boston has been working behind the scenes, helping in film productions and other related stuff.

It is quite ironical that the son of a legendary actor like Kurt Russell would want to spend all his life behind the scenes. Perhaps it could be a question of personality. Boston may not be so used to the harassment that comes with the public glare. He may as well be trying to avoid scandals.

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