Is Snapchat Star Tristan Tales’ dating? Who is his girlfriend?

Snapchat has become a great hit among the social media apps even after being released just recently in 2005 most likely because it offers a lot more creativity than its predecessors like Instagram. Let us take this moment to talk about a personality famous on Snapchat and it is none other than Snapchat star Tristan Tales who is gaining quite an attention in social media nowadays. Find out personal details about his life as well as information on his career and Net Worth.

Family Life:

Tristan Tales is still just an uprising internet celebrity but there is relatively underrated information about him on the Internet. What we do know is that his parents are of American-European nationality. His father is from Ireland while his mother lives in San Diego, California. Thus, he is also of both American and European nationality. He has six siblings in total but he has only shared a picture of one of his sister, Isabella De Burgh on Instagram. Other than that he seldom is seen with any of his other siblings.

 Tristan Tales Dating or Married Life:

The 22-year-old is just starting out on his path to a successful career. He is young right now and has his career to focus on so he is not married and it looks like he does not have any plans to get a wife anytime soon. Even his dating life is really empty with him not having or not revealing his girlfriend. He was seen awfully close with model Lacey Claire in his Instagram posts earlier this year. You can see the video from their recent vacation together to the Caribbean Islands Haiti and Puerto Rico. Furthermore, many of his followers had even commented on their pictures that the two should date.

Who knows maybe they were dating in secret and she is his secret girlfriend. If you are wondering where you saw Lacey before? She was actually a contestant on America’s Next Top Model and also has done shoots for covers such as ‘Vogue’ and ‘Factice Magazine’.

However, now it looks like he is more close to dating Youtube star and co-member of ‘Team 10’, Tessa Brooks. They always seem very close together and often get mistaken for a couple. They even both have a picture in matching couple’s red hoodies. However, there is no confirmation on whether they are girlfriend and boyfriend or just best friends.

Cute Couple: Tessa Brooks and her boyfriend Tristan Tales

Tristan Tales with his YouTuber girlfriend Tessa Brooks

Source: Instagram

 Tristan Tales Net Worth:

Tristan Tales is a Snapchat famous person who has made multiple viral snap stories and was nominated for Shorty Awards in the Best Snapchatter of the Year category. He already also has more than 1.2 million followers on Instagram. He is associated with ‘Top 10’ composed of other social media phenomena like Jake Paul, AJ Mitchell, Lucas Dobre and Marcus Dobre. He is also induced with major brands like ‘Coca Cola’, ‘Red Bull’ and ‘Awesomeness TV’.

The continuous growth in the Snapchat celeb’s success has also raised a lot of attention on the net worth and salary of Tristan. His net worth and salary are yet to be reviewed. However, his associated ‘Team 10’s rough net worth has been estimated. According to it, their work must earn them a revenue of 360 dollars daily leading to a 130k a year. That together with his other sources of income must resort to a great net worth.


Tristan Tales was born on 21st August 1994 in San Diego, California, USA. He is American by nationality but also has Irish nationality from his mother’s side.  He got his college education from the University of Southern California in fields of Business and Cinema.

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