Know Youtuber Kwebbelkop’s Girlfriend! Also, his dating history, real name & Net worth Career!

At the start of the social media frenzy, it looked like the internet was a place where only people with good looks and body could make it big. However, blokes like Jordi Van Den Bussche or as he is better known by his channel and internet name ‘kwebbelkop’ are opposing that theory. He is not only achieving success in his internet career but also love life. Learn about his hot girlfriend as well as his past affairs.

Kwebbelkop Girlfriend and Past Affairs:

Jordi Van Bussche has attained his fame literally by playing video games so you would expect him to have no love life or just a simple underrated girlfriend. Well breaking stereotypes for gaming nerds, Jordi is currently dating Youtube star Azzyland. If you don’t know her then you are in for a surprise because she is a smoking hot Youtuber and we have photos to prove that she is her girlfriend.

Yes, Azzyland or as she goes by her real name AzraBajrami is currently in a relationship with Jordi. Azra is herself a gamer and has gained Youtube fame through gameplay, game streaming and since 2014 cosplay as well. There is no denying that she has a sexy hot body and she uses it as an asset to gain a lot of subscribers.

She also appears on a lot of Jordi’s videos and vice-versa and looking at the title being something like ‘Touch My Body’ and ‘What I Am Kissing?’ it looks like Jordi is having the time of his life. As of any married rumors, there is a video titled “We Are Getting Married!” but you will open it in vain. The video is just them teasing typical attention seeking Youtubers ironically through a typical attention-seeking title.

She recently hit the 1 million subscriptions milestone in her Youtube career and currently has more than 1.2 million subscribers. She is also famous on Instagram and has gathered almost 400k followers on Instagram.

Speaking of Jordi’s past affairs and relationships there is not much to go on in the media. However tracking his social media and Youtube profiles we have rounded up one of his ex-girlfriends. His long-time followers may already know about his past relationship with then-girlfriend, Jaimie. Jaimie appeared several times on his videos with titles mentioning his girlfriend. After breaking-up with her, he did not delete any of his old photos probably for their economic value but did change the titles from girlfriend to ‘ex-girlfriend’. “Ouch!”

Kwebbelkop and jaimie

Kwebbelkop and his ex-girlfriend jaimie.

Source: YouTube

His Career and Bio:

Kwebbelkop is undeniably one of the best gaming YouTubers of the world. He has recently reached the 7 million milestones in his career and has a total of staggering 2.4 billion views in total. He even has 943k followers on Instagram so he has a very successful career.

Thus, Kwebbelkop is estimated to have a big net worth of about 2 million dollars. This estimation has been made through calculations of the data compiled from YouTube’s payment system. According to it the salary that contributes to his incredible net worth is 6,500 dollars daily that sum up to 2.4 million dollars in a year. He also gets about 4.3 million views earning him the 500 dollars in revenue, about 180k a year.

Now let us finally learn some personal details on Kwebbelkop. His real name is Jordi Maxim Van Den Bussche and he was born on 1st June 1995 in Amsterdam, Netherlands.He was born to mother Brigitella and also has a sister Lauren. He has a graduate degree but decided to devote his life to his passion of video games instead. He started his Youtube channel ‘Kwebbelkop’ on 1st April 2008 and his favorite games to stream are ‘GTA V’ and ‘Call of Duty’ franchise but also features games like ‘Assassins Creed’, ‘Minecraft’, ‘Skyrim’ and ‘Legend of Zelda’.

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