Is NINJA Yolandi Visser’s Husband? Find her Net worth, Bio.

In the 21st century, music comes in all shapes and sizes from people’s favorite pop to a less mass friendly one like Die Antwoord. Speaking of Die Antwoord, the music group’s female vocalist YoLandi Visser has received quite a buzz in her celeb status as of late. Did you know she was a mother? Is she married and if so then who is her husband?

Is NINJA Her Husband?

If you have followed YoLandi or Die Antwoord then you must have heard her link-up stories between her and band member, rapper Watkin Tudor Jones or as he is better known in his music career as ‘NINJA’ (in all Caps). Well, the stories are true, the two have been romantically involved but things haven’t gone further than dating. They do have a child together a small daughter, but their relationship was only that of a boyfriend and girlfriend and never got as far as being a husband and wife.

Family Picture: NINJA with his wife Yolandi Visser and daughter

Yolandi Visser with her husband NINJA and daughter

Source: Pinterest

NINJA had himself said in an interview that he is no longer involved romantically with YoLandi since 2009, 4 years after they had their daughter.

Yolandi Visser Daughter:

Many people would be surprised and find getting their heads around YoLandi as a mother. We are not stereotyping YoLandi as a bad mother but demonic black eyes, glittery eye shadows, and messy haircuts aren’t the looks of a typical mother.

Family Picture: NINJA and his wife Yolandi Visser and daughter

Yolandi Visser with her husband NINJA and daughter

Source: Pinterest

She has a daughter with former boyfriend and band member, NINJA on January 15, 2005. Oddly enough she named her Sixteen, to be fair that is not as odd as her father’s name. If you think her name is strange, you should watch their music video, ‘I Fink U Freely’ where Sixteen makes a cameo with entire body painted in black and having some kind of a real life snake around her neck. Die Antwoord have made some creepy videos in the past but this one is clearly on the top 3.

Weird Kind of Hot:

It is very hard to see it across the creepy and weird makeup and clothes but trust us when we say that the 33-year-old artist has a hot and sexy side to her as well. You can come across some shots of her in simple short clothing in her music videos that reflect her sexy side. YoLandi also prefers to wear skin revealing clothing like short shorts and tummy revealing tank tops.

She is so hot because of her very nice body measurements. She is only 5 feet and 1 inch tall and weighs a corresponding 96 pounds. So you can see that she has a very slim figure but that does not downside her lady features. She has a body size of 31-21-32. YoLandi has a bra size of the only 32A.

Yolandi Visser Net Worth, Bio:

YoLandi Visser was born on March 3, 1984, in Port Alfred, South Africa. She was originally named Anru Du Toit and used to be associated with music groups like ‘The Constructus Corporation’ and ‘’. Besides her Music career, she is known widely for being in the Hugh Jackman and DevPatel starter movie, ‘Chappie’. Due to her such widespread career, she has made a huge net worth estimated to be as much as 10 million dollars.

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