Quick peek at Cameran Eubanks net worth, married life and career

Cameran Eubanks is an American reality TV celebrity and real estate broker. Born in 1983, Cameran made her first appearance on the screen in 2004, on MTV’s ‘The Real World: San Diego’. The show puts a group of diverse people in the same house for a few months, following their development as a group and as individuals. The members are also given the main task that is to be completed by the end of the season. Cameran Eubanks joined the show in 2013, in its fourteenth season. Shortly after the season ended, she became a real estate broker. Let’s try and find out what the celebrity’s net worth and annual salary are. While we’re there, we’ll also have a look at her married life and career.

Eubanks’ net worth and career

Cameran’s net worth is estimated to be 600 thousand dollars. While it is not a huge net worth, it’s not bad, either. Cameran earned this net worth mostly through her career as a real estate broker. Another source of income are the shows that she appeared on. First, she appeared on MTV’s ‘The Real World: San Diego’, as we mentioned earlier. After The Real World, she was a contestant on MTV’s ‘The Challenge’. Cameran is also part of the main cast of Bravo TV’s ‘Southern Charm’, which definitely adds a pretty nice sum to her net worth. Eubanks owns a house with her husband in Charleston.

Cameran Eubanks in Bravo TV show "Southern Charm"

Caption: Cameran Eubanks in Bravo TV’s “Southern Charm”

Source: Bravo TV

Now that we mentioned her husband, let’s check out Eubanks’ married life.

Married life and children plans

Cameran is married to Jason Wimberly since 2014. While she is a celebrity, the wedding did not show this. The couple chose to keep it simple and relatively private. They chose a location almost as gorgeous as them, a plantation near Charleston. The husband, Jason, is a Charleston-based doctor, and even though fans might hope to see him on the screen soon, it’s not gonna happen. According to his wife, Jason does not really like being in the spotlight. Also, Cameran said that exposing your love life on TV seems tacky to her.

Cameran Eubanks with husband Jason Wimberly newly wedding

Caption: Cameran Eubanks and Jason Wimberly(husband) newly wedding album

Source: Bravo TV

The two do not have any children yet. The Southern gal made it clear when they tied the knot that she does not want children yet. She even said that she might not want children ever. However, during a tour of their house, she seemed to have changed her mind about this. Therefore, we might soon see the couple in the company of some cute children.

Short biography

Cameran Eubanks’ date of birth is November 21, 1983. She was born in Anderson, South Carolina. Cameran is the daughter of Robert and Bonnie and she has a sister named Cayce. She grew up in South Carolina, but her parents divorced, unfortunately, when she was young. For more info straight from the source, she can be found on Twitter and Instagram.

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