YouTube Star Faze Apex Dating with Someone Now? Get to know more about His Girlfriend

Faze Apex is an American Youtube star and Gamer known for his participation in the E-sport Call of duty. Born on 20th June 1996 as Yousef in California, he has an elder brother and a Nephew. He had an interest in online games at a very young age. He first uploaded the video in 2008 when he played as Atrocity HD in the call of duty. In 2010 when Faze clan was formed by Faze resistance and Faze Hauscal, he was asked to join the team. He gladly took up the opportunity and went ahead to be one of the co-founders of the clan. The clan has really profited the gaming industry with over 4.3M subscribers and over a billion views on social media. In 2014 he moved to the Faze house in New York with his fellow clan members.

Girlfriend and dating history.

Faze apex personal life has always been kept behind the curtains, not much is known about his family or girlfriend. The only family members known to the public are his mother and his nephew. On the hand, the dating history of he remains to be unknown. He came out on his twitter account as gay but it’s still yet to be proved. Apex has utilized his humorous nature to mimic his girlfriend in his vlog “meets my girlfriend”. In one of the vlogs, he comes up with a computer application “virtual Girlfriend”. The application is designed to match the boy qualities with those of his ideal girlfriend to find a match. The virtual couple then chooses an activity to do to determine if they are a match or not.

How much is Faze Apex worth?

He owns a YouTube channel “Bananatone 34” which has millions of views since it began. He also Vlogs about various fun facts. Despite his young age Faze is a motivation to upcoming gamers and youtube stars. His most viewed video is “Faze baby first trick shot” which had more than 5M views.

Caption: Apex’s most watched video “Faze Baby’s First Trickshot”

He has more than 1.5M followers on Instagram and over 1.57M followers on twitter. With this kind of following it’s clear the kind of impact he has.
Faze Apex net worth is over 1.1M this is includes his earnings from YouTube as well and his gaming activities. Apex’s net worth is also facilitated by his clothing line and his tours around the globe.

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