Pauly D Net Worth, Girlfriend And Dating History

Paul DelVecchio is a famous American TV personality and DJ. Known as Pauly D, the eccentric celebrity has first made his appearance on the screen in 2009. People mostly recognize him for appearing on MTV’s ‘Jersey Shore’In just a few years, Pauly managed to go from the tanned hair gel wearing teenager to a successful multimillionaire businessman. He has a huge fan base, with admirers from all continents. His fame got him to the point where he’d get paid only to appear in a club. Despite that, Pauly D did not ignore his love for DJing. Like he said, getting paid to just hang out didn’t suit him. He takes the deal only if he is allowed to DJ. Talk about passion. Without further ado, let’s check out the DJ’s net worth, dating history, and ex-girlfriends.

Pauly D’s net worth

Like many other celebrities, DelVecchio started out slowly, with a negligible net worth. At first, he was a DJ, and while things were okay, there was room for a lot more. In 2009, he was contacted by the ‘Jersey Shore’ casting directors via MySpace. His music had nothing to do with him being selected. Nevertheless, this was going to be a huge boost in the guy’s net worth. As soon as he joined the show, his popularity grew at an alarming rate. Pauly D’s fans were dying to see more of him, while his net worth grew constantly. The show became Paul’s main source for his net worth, as he was reportedly earning $150,000 each episode.

As his popularity as a ‘Jersey Shore’ member grew, so did his popularity as a DJ. Paul took the opportunity to climb the DJing ranks, inflating his net worth even more through his successful DJ career.

Pauly D as DJ

Caption: Pauly D as DJ

After the Shore ended, the guy even had his own TV show, ‘The Pauly D’ project. Although the show only ran for 12 episodes, it still brought a decent sum to Pauly’s net worth. The DJ collaborated with several famous artists, such as Britney Spears and 50 Cent. His total net worth is estimated to be $15 million. Next up, let’s check out Pauly’s dating ventures, current girlfriend, and ex-girlfriends.

Dating, girlfriends, break-up and patch-up

As one might expect, DelVecchio’s got a pretty tumultuous dating history. First, let’s talk about Amanda Markert. No, she is not one of the DJ’s ex-girlfriends, nor have they been dating. The two have spent only one night together. Their casual one-night stand led to something unexpected, a child. Yep, Paul Delvecchio is a father. Amanda, Pauly’s ‘short term girlfriend’, kept the pregnancy a secret. The famous DJ only found out that he has a daughter when the child was 5 months old. This was a surprise for Paul, obviously. However, he said he is glad to be a father. He supports his daughter financially and has come to hate her mother, as the two fought over custody.

Pauly D's daughter with Amanda Markert

Caption: Pauly D’s daughter with Amanda MarkertSource: Dailymail

For a while, there was a rumor that DelVecchio was dating Chloe Sevigny. The two were spotted together at a Knicks game. Their fans immediately assumed that Chloe was Paul’s girlfriend. However, not long after the rumor started, Chloe clearly stated that she was not his girlfriend, nor were they dating.

The ‘Jersey Shore’ star has a long-term girlfriend now, Aubrey O’Day. He and Aubrey met in 2015, on the set of ‘Famously Single’. They have been dating ever since. Their relationship is not perfect, though. They keep breaking up and getting back together. Currently, the two are still girlfriend and boyfriend, and there is a rumor about them getting married. Thy did not officially announce an engagement, but they might, in fact, get married soon. The couple is apparently set to star in a reality show which will conclude with marriage.

Pauly D with girlfriend Aubrey O'Day

Caption: Pauly D with girlfriend Aubrey O’Day

Source: Lifeandstylemag


DelVecchio was born on July 5, 1980, in Providence, Rhode Island. He grew up in Providence and Johnston, Rhode Island. He has a sister called Vanessa and his parents are Paul D. DelVecchio Sr. and Donna DiCarlo. He rose to fame in 2009, after being selected for ‘Jersey Shore’ based on his looks. Two years later, he signed a deal with G-Unit Records and G-Note Records for three albums. His fame brought him the Teen Choice Award in 2011. One year later, Paul was a participant on ‘The Choice’. After starring on ‘Jersey Shore’, he had his own show, ‘The Pauly D Project’ (initially called DelVecchio). The show started on March 29, 2012, and ran for only one season. Since then, he became one of the world’s richest DJs.

For now, we can only wait for him to marry his girlfriend, Aubrey. As soon as it happens, make sure to come back here for an update.

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