FaZe Rain: current girlfriend, family and short bio

The gaming industry is one of the fastest growing industries at the moment. Video game players’ popularity has never been so high, and everyone wants to get into streaming or creating game related content. So what do you need to be a part of this huge family? Well, you have to be either hilarious, insanely skilled, or both. FaZe Rain has both. Rain is mostly known for his vlogging and Call of Duty gameplay videos. Rain owns the FaZe gaming clan, along with Apex, Temperrr, and Banks. Rain’s real name is Nordan, and he comes from Toronto, Ontario. He has almost 5 million subscribers on his YouTube channel, where he uploads almost daily. So let’s put together a short bio and talk about the gamer’s family and girlfriend.

Rain’s ex-girlfriend

From what we know, Nordan currently has no girlfriend. However, he has been in a long-term relationship with his ex-girlfriend, Taylor. Nordan and Taylor have been dating since November 2014. Taylor has been his girlfriend for about a year and a half. During that period, Nordan seemed to have a great time with his girlfriend. Apparently, things were not as they seemed. Nordan and Taylor broke up in February 2016.

FaZe Rain brokeup with girlfriend Taylor

Caption: FaZe Rain with girlfriend Taylor

Rain uploaded two videos in which he talked about the break-up. First, he just wanted to let his fans know that he and his girlfriend had split. In the second video, he explained that he and Taylor were often arguing. Although they argued over little things, it happened too often, and Rain realized he was unhappy. Another factor, although not a major one, that led to the break-up, was the distance.

There was also a rumor that Rain had cheated on Taylor while they were dating. Apparently, Rain cheated on his girlfriend with Zoie Burgher, who is also part of the streaming family, to put it this way. Zoie even confirmed the rumor, when she admitted in a video that she had sex with Rain.

Short biography and some info about his family

FaZe Rain’s real name is Nordan Shat. He was born on May 29, 1996, in Toronto, Ontario. The Canadian gamer does not have a big family, as he has only one sister. As a child, Nordan loved to make people laugh, getting into trouble at school pretty often because of this. Despite that, there was a period during his childhood when he was depressed. This was caused by some family issues, as his mother and father started arguing a lot. That’s when Nordan got into gaming, as he detached from these family issues by playing on his PlayStation 2. One day, Nordan’s father just left. Although his mother and sister got over it relatively quick, Rain couldn’t, so he later had to go through therapy.

His family is complete at the moment. His mother started dating her boss, and Rain really liked the guy. Later, he became the gamer’s step-father. Following his therapist’s advice to focus on a hobby, Nordan started creating content for YouTube. At first, he focused on uploading Call of Duty trick shots. Later, he began vlogging. He joined the FaZe clan on 20 January 2016. Since then, he has built a pretty nice career as a YouTuber and gamer. Four years after he started his channel, it reached 1 million subscribers. Rain currently has almost 5 million subscribers, who he loves. His main goal on YouTube is to spread his positiveness. About his relationship status, there’s not much to say but that if he has a girlfriend, then he chooses to not make it public, for now. Patience!


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