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Charlotte Kilcher is the wife to Otto Kilcher. It is true to say that the world has changed. At a time when technology has made people so comfortable, the world still has those people who find so much satisfaction in living their lives in the wilderness and brushing shoulders directly with nature.

Charlotte decided to move to Alaska in 1978 and work there as a wildlife biologist. From the time she set foot in Alaska, Charlotte has never regretted the decision she made. She does not miss the life she once led in Northern California.

This article will elaborate more on Charlotte Kilcher; her wiki bio, age, children, family, and married life.

Charlotte Kilcher Married To Husband, Otto Kilcher, And Children

Charlotte current husband is Otto Kilcher. Before her involvement with Otto, Charlotte was in another marriage where she had a son named Torrey. Unfortunately, the marriage ended in divorce. Charlotte and her present husband met in South-Central Alaska. Both of them had gone there to mitigate the disaster which had been caused by the Exon Valdez oil spill. It was the case of love at first sight. The two soon began building a family together.

Image of Charlotte Kilcher with her husband Otto Kilcher

Charlotte Kilcher with her husband, Otto Kilcher

Charlotte chose to keep all the details of her previous marriage away from the public. It is rumored that she was still married to her ex-husband by the time she was moving to Alaska. It is therefore very tough to tell exactly what happened between the two lovebirds. Perhaps the only reason for their break up was the fact that Charlotte found Otto more attractive and mature.

Charlotte is not Eivin’s mother. Eivin is Otto’s son with his second ex-wife, Sharon. Interestingly, Sharon lives very near to the homestead. She is very close to Charlotte.

Charlotte Kilcher Net Worth And Salary, Alaska: The Last Frontier

For now, Charlotte Kilcher has focused most of her energy on gardening, rearing chicken and ducks that give him eggs, cattle keeping, and beekeeping. Besides their commercial importance, the activities have worked to secure the family’s food reserve. From the estimates, Charlotte and her husband Otto Kilcher have a net worth of about $4 million and her salary is yet to be revealed. Otto is an experienced mechanic and machinist. His technical works form a very vital component of the family’s income base. Charlotte and her husband Otto are both major cast members of Alaska: The Last Frontier.

Image of The Last Frontier cast Charlotte Kilcher net worth is $4 million

Charlotte Kilcher from Alaska: The Last Frontier net worth is $4 million

How Old Is Charlotte Kilcher? Age, Birthday, Birthdate

Charlotte is estimated to be around 60 years old. Her exact date of birth is not known. She was possibly born in Berkeley, California.

Wiki, Bio, Family

Over the years, Charlotte has along with the rest of the Kilchers happily adapted to the harsh climatic conditions of Alaska. In as much as the family does not have any tangible heating facilities, the members have managed to stay alive during the winter. Charlotte is content with the Kilchers as her family. She is not moved by the temptations of the modern life. From the available records, it is impossible to trace Charlotte’s parents and siblings. Charlotte has two biological sons. They are Torrey and August. She also has Eivin and Levi as her stepsons.

Image of Charlotte Kilcher with her family and children

Charlotte Kilcher with her family and children

What Is Charlotte Kilcher Doing Now? Death Rumors

For now, Charlotte Kilcher takes care of the family’s food supplies. She collects eggs, honey, and other food necessities to keep her family strong and healthy. Charlotte also participates as a major actor in the television series, Alaska: The Last Frontier.

At some point, there were rumors of Charlotte’s death. Well, the death rumors are false. In as much as Charlotte had at some point fallen sick, things had not gotten bad to the extent of her dying. That she was rumored to have died was utter malicious and in bad faith.

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