Is Natasha Raskin Married? Know Her Husband, Children, Divorce, Net Worth, Family, Wiki

To both the kings and the commoners, the idea of history is one that is greatly treasured. Everybody wants to understand where he or she came from. It is due to the knowledge of the past that mankind can adequately plan for the future. Sometimes, our history may never be sufficient recipes for progress.

It takes knowledge of the progress of others to properly organize ourselves for the future. This article will supply the reader with knowledge on the life and experiences of Natasha Raskin, a legend of antiques and arts in Scotland.

Is Natasha Raskin Married? Meet Her Husband And Children

Career-wise, Natasha Raskin has all the rights to be considered a successful woman. However, there is more to success in life than mere material possession. On a personal level, Natasha Raskin is a married woman. Her husband is called Joe Sharp. Joe is famed for being an award-winning director and a producer in some shows.

Image of Natasha Raskin with her husband Joe Sharp

Natasha Raskin with her husband, Joe Sharp

Natasha full name should, therefore, be Natasha Raskin Sharp. By the time the two were publicly declaring themselves as husband and wife, they had live for more than six months. That was way back in 2016. It is, therefore, logical to conclude that Natasha has been married to her husband for two years.

Natasha is a very private person who hardly shares information regarding her marriage life. However, there have been recent rumors on the possibility that the couple could be contemplating divorce. Well, those could just be rumors since neither Natasha nor her husband is yet to give an opinion on the same. Natasha and Joe are happily married with their current situation. That they could part ways any time soon is something that no one would even want to think of.

At the moment, Natasha Raskin does not have any children of her own. She is however straight and has never been involved in any known relationship before she met her husband, Joe Sharp.

Natasha Raskin Net Worth, Salary, Antiques Roadshow

Natasha is one of the most famous Scottish arts and antique experts. Most of her works have found their way in several parts of the country and even the entire world. Her fast success in the industry can be greatly attributed to her passionate involvement in the ‘Antiques Roads Expert.’ Furthermore, Natasha Raskin has made other several appearances on a couple of antique reality television shows such as ‘Celebrity Antiques Road Trip,’ The better portion of Natasha’s wealth is as a result of her participation in the shows.

For now, Natasha net worth and salary are still being reviewed by the experts. All the same, the fact that Natasha has had a long successful career only means that she is a rich woman.

Image of Television presenter, Natasha Raskin net worth is not available

Television Presenter, Natasha Raskin net worth is not available

How Old Is Natasha Raskin? Age, Birthday, Birthdate

Natasha Raskin was born in 1986. He is therefore currently around 32 years old. However, there is no reliable information regarding the exact date and month in which Natasha Raskin was born.

Wiki, Bio, Family

Nataka was born as a middle child in the family in Glasgow, Scotland. She is Scottish by ethnicity and British by nationality.  Both her parents were great lovers of arts and antiques. Natasha’s father, Philip Raskin was equally famous throughout Scotland for his love for paintings. Just like his daughter Natasha, Philip had a large soft spot for contemporary paintings. He drew a lot of landscapes and seascapes. At some point, Philip was also a television presenter.

What Is Natasha Raskin Doing Now?

At the moment, Natasha is focused in her career and family woman. When not in the arts and antique business, Natasha spends her free time with her husband, Joe Sharp. In one of the interviews, Natasha admitted that she was married to a woman who was so supportive of her feelings.

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