Auctioneer Christina Trevanion Wiki-Biography, Husband, Married, Children, Age, Weight Loss

Christina Trevanion is majorly known for her role in the BBC’s Bargain Hunt. Put your mouth where your money is and flog it. Christina is one of the best auctioneers Christina loves very valuable antiques on the television programs. Due to her passion and consistency, Christina has earned herself a place as one of the experts in selecting rare antiques of the past century. Christina majorly specializes in jewelry made from gold and silver. Furthermore, Christina is equally good with ceramics and decorative arts. This article will expound more on Christina Trevanion; her marriage and family life, wedding, net worth, age and stories of weight loss.

Christina Trevanion Married To Husband, And Children

In most cases, the celebrities do not mind talking to the public about how their love lives look like and the kind of people they are dating. On the face of it, the celebrities derive more fun by sharing the public attention with their spouses. Interestingly, there are also those personalities like Christina who prefer to do the exact opposite. Over the years, Christina has succeeded in keeping her husband away from the glares of the media.

Image of Christina Trevanion daughters from her husband

Christina Trevanion daughters from her husband

From the reliable sources, it is said that Christina is a married woman and a mother of two children. However, nobody knows who the father of the children is. Together with her family, Christina lives in Shropshire.

Christina Trevanion Net Worth, Salary, Antiques Road Trip

At the moment, Christina net worth is still being reviewed. All the same, Christina co-founded the Trevanion and Dean Auctioneers and Valuers LLP. From the available statistics, this company has an average net worth of about $80,000. The company is located in Christina’s hometown gives her ample opportunity to spend time with her family.

Image of Auctioneer Christina Trevanion net worth is $80,000

Auctioneer, Christina Trevanion net worth is $80,000

Christina derives most of his income from the auctioneering business. The appearances she manages to make on the television honestly pay her so handsomely. Apart from being an auctioneer, Christina also collects rare items which she later sells to boost her income. In addition to other shows, Christina runs the Antiques Road Trip show. The appearances she made on the screens gave her the limelight and consequently the clients. Christina is a very hardworking and dedicated lady.

How Old Is Christina Trevanion? Age, Birthday, Birthdate

Chistina was born on the 12th of June 1981. She is therefore 37 years old at the moment. Christina celebrates her birthday on the 12th of June every year. Funnily, the lady has the body of a 25-year-old. Most people have found it difficult to believe that she is a mother of two children.

Wiki, Bio, Family

Christina’s place of birth is Shropshire. She is the daughter of Dave and Hazel Trevanion. To a huge extent, Christina owes her passion for auctioning to her mum. Her mother could tag her along anytime she went to a closed auction. Christina was thrilled by the manner in which items were always sold to the highest bidder. She is a graduate from the Southampton Solent University. On a day when Christina is not working, she chooses to spend the better portion of it with her family and her dog named Welly.

What Is Christina Trevanion Doing Now? Weight Loss

For now, Christina spends her time growing her young company. During her free days, she spends time with her husband and children. At the beginning of last year, Christina Trevanion posted a picture on the social media that left all her fans in shock. From the post, she had lost weight.

Image of Christina Trevanion weight loss before and after difference

Christina Trevanion weight loss before and after difference

Well, the people were not shocked in a wrong way. They were excited by the fact that she looked slimmer. Nobody knows how Christina managed to lose so much drastically. However, she has since then managed to keep her small frame and tiny waist.

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