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Otto Kilcher is one of the cast members of the television series Alaska: The Last Frontier. He is the brother to Atz Kilcher. Otto’s face is so common in the television series. It is therefore very difficult to ignore. He is the uncle of Lee Kicher. Otto is a very gifted hunter. Every member of the Kilcher family has got his or her unique talent.

The camera has captured the greater portion of Otto’s life. It is so much fun watching him operate on the screens. Otto is a very serious mechanic who fixes anything that breaks down in the family. Let us now dig deeper on Otto Kilcher’s married life with various wives, children, divorce, net worth, family, and wiki.

Otto Kilcher Married To Wives And Children. Divorced Two Times?

The truth of the matter is that Otto has been in three marriages. He is currently on his third marriage. Otto’s first marriage was with Olga Von Ziegesar. Unfortunately, the couple could not survive each other for long and eventually got divorced after some years. Otto then proceeded to marry Sharon. The marriage was blessed with two children. Just like the first one, the second marriage also came to an end. At the moment, Otto is married to Charlotte Irene Adamson.

Image of Otto Kilcher with his wife Charlotte Kilcher

Otto Kilcher with his wife, Charlotte Kilcher

The marriage has survived for the last twenty years. Otto has a son with Charlotte. He is called August Kilcher. From his second wife, Otto also managed to get two other sons. They are Levi and Eivin Kilcher. Charlotte was also married before she met Otto Kilcher. From that previous marriage, he had a son named Torrey.

The first time that Charlotte came to Alaska was in 1978. During those days, she came as a wildlife biologist. Charlotte and Otto would then meet ten years later during a volunteer work in the South Central in 1989.

Otto Kilcher Net Worth And Salary, Alaska: The Last Frontier

Over the years, Otto Kilcher has accumulated some good money for himself and his family. Together with his wife Charlotte, the two are estimated to command a net worth of about $5 million, and the salary of Otto is not revealed yet. Most of this wealth has been gotten from the role played in the Discovery television series. Besides appearing on the screens, Otto also has a boat transportation business. From his days as a young boy, Otto had so much interest in mechanics.

Image of The Last Frontier cast Otto Kilchers net worth is $5 million

Alaska: The Last Frontier cast Otto Kilcher net worth is $5 million

He could collect broken pieces of items and consequently repair them. Otto could give back life to those items that have been broken down and long forgotten. Due to the endless practice, Otto Kilcher over the time became a very professional maintenance person. From his maintenance job, Otto Kilcher rakes in a good amount of income for himself.

Moreover, Otto Kilcher is a very committed member of the Kenai Peninsula Farmers Bureau. Most of Otto’s net worth is derived from the joint family wealth. The Kilcher’s family own 613 acres of land in the Homer area. The available records further state that the family has an additional 207 acres of land in and around the city.

How Old Is Otto Kilcher? Age, Birthday, Birthdate

Born on the 13th of April 1952, Otto Kilcher is currently 66 years old.  Otto, therefore, celebrates his birthday on the 13th of April of every year.

Wiki, Bio, Family

Otto spent his childhood in the wilderness of Alaska. Raised in a small log cabin, the young Otto spent most of his days looking after cattle and attending to the minor family duties. Otto believed in a life of self-sustenance. It is for this reason that he had managed to keep a large herd of cattle to sustain his family. Otto is the son of Yule Kilcher and Ruth Weber. Otto is the sixth child in a family of seven children. His eldest brother is Atz Kilcher.

What Is Otto Kilcher Doing Now? Social Media Updates

Otto Kilcher is not so much of a social media person. Recently, Otto has not made any social media updates regarding his personal development.

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