Meet Atz Lee Kilcher’s Wife: Jane Kilcher Biography, Net Worth, Family, Children, Married, Wiki

Jane Kilcher is the wife to Atz Lee Kilcher. The two are both major characters in the reality television series, Alaska: The Last Frontier. Jane initially came from Homer, Alaska.

This article will work to reveal specific details with regards to the person that is Jane Kilcher. The information will entail Jane Kilcher’s net worth, age, children, marriage life and other personal pieces of information.

Jane Kilcher Married To Husband, Atz Lee Kilcher, And Children

Before her marriage with Lee, Jane had previously been married to Dicran Kassouni. The two managed to have a daughter named Piper Isolde. The daughter was born on the 4th of June 2003. Unfortunately, the managed was characterized by so many personal problems, and the two had to divorce sooner than it was expected. It was from here that Jana gave herself a second chance with Atz Lee and consequently joined the Kilcher’s family in Alaska.

Image of Jane Kilcher with her husband Atz Lee Kilcher

Jane Kilcher with her husband, Atz Lee Kilcher

Since their marriage, Jane and Lee have never had any child together. It is important to note that Lee also had a son in his previous marriage. Therefore, both Lee and Atz are divorcees. In one of her posts on Facebook, Jane admitted that she is a mother of two kids. However, she claimed that her children were still too young to be exposed to the craziness of the social media. To her, the children will only come out at that time when they will be old enough to do so, and on their own volition.

Jane Kilcher Net Worth And Salary, Alaska: The Last Frontier

Jane Kilcher has for the longest time had a career in the seas. Besides the appearance on the reality television show, Alaska: The Last Frontier, Jane also, together with her husband Lee, does a lot of fishing and hunting during their free time. This has always helped to boost their income. Together with her husband, the two command a net worth of $2 million. As a commercial fisherwoman and television star, the journey of Jane’s career has been a very successful one.

Image of Jane Kilcher from The Last Frontier net worth is $2 million

Jane Kilcher from Alaskan: The Last Frontier net worth is $2 million

How old is Jane Kilcher? Age, Birthday, Birthdate

Jane Kilcher was born on the 14th of September 1975. Jane, therefore, celebrates her birthday on the 14th of September of every month. Recently, Jane posted a photo of her and Charlotte during her birthday celebrations.

Wiki, Bio, Family

Jane was born into a family of three children. She is a resident of Alaska. Before the fame on the screens, Jane lived her life as a fisherwoman. It was foreseeable that she was going to spend her entire life dealing with storms and men. However, fate had its plans. Jane would, later on, get married to the Kilchers and that is exactly how she became an actress. The fact that she knew so much about the sea made her very useful to the Kilcher family. She made their survival in the back wood much more bearable. In every summer, Jane supplies a lot of fish to her family to help them survive during the harsh winter seasons. She loves the adventurous life of the countryside.

Jane has been a great fan of music since her days as a young girl. She listens to all manner of genres. The internet does not know so much on Jane’s family background. All that can be said is that her parents’ home is not far from the Kilchers. Moreover, Jane’s educational background is locked up in great mystery.

What Is Jane Kilcher Doing Now? Social Media Updates

Jane Kilcher is a very committed family woman. When not on the screens, Jane prefers to spend time with her family. Together, they engage in fishing and hunting. She is quite protective of her teenage children. Jane recently posted on the social media on her birthday celebrations. On the post, she sounded so excited about her new year.

Image of The Last Frontier cast Jane Kilcher fishing

Alaskan: The Last Frontier cast Jane Kilcher fishing

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