Nina Hansen: Biography and Facts about Sig Hansen Daughter

Nina Hansen was a relatively unknown family lawyer until news of her attempting to sue her father hit the news. All of a sudden, she was thrust into the limelight. In this article, we will take a deeper look at the lawyer’s life and bio. This will entail examining her career, age, and husband. Who is he? We will try to give a detailed account of their relationship.

The article will also examine her relationship with her father, and seek to understand why she took him to court. All this drama will make for an interesting read, so you will want to stick around.

Details about Sig Hansen’s daughter, Nina Hansen’s family, net worth, and biography.

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Nina Hansen was born in 1988 in Seattle, to parents Sig Hansen and June Hansen. Right off the bat, we will let you know that there was a lot of controversy and trauma surrounding her childhood. She was only two when she was allegedly sexually assaulted by her father. Parents are meant to protect their children, not traumatize them for life.

Image of Nina Hansen father Sig Hansen and mother June

Nina Hansen father Sig Hansen and mother June

Nina grew up alongside one sister, Mandy Hansen, who enjoys an adventurous life. The family lived in Seattle while the girls were young. This is where they spent their childhood. Unlike Mandy, Nina Hansen does not get along with her father. The reported assault is something that always lingered in her head.

Image of Nina Hansen sister Mandy Hansen

Nina Hansen sister Mandy Hansen

This is unsurprising as trauma such as this tends to stay with someone for a plethora of years. She even took her father to court because of the alleged sexual abuse. The court believed her allegations, but since there was no concrete proof, her father could not be detained to go to jail. This is because it happened a long time ago, and the statute of limitation had passed. It is a very sad thing, as justice was clearly not served. Such is the case sometimes- bad people continue to walk scot free as their victims continue to suffer.

Rather than dwell on all of her problems; however, Nina has used her experienced to do all that she can to develop children’s rights. The woman is highly recognized for all the work she has done for children’s rights. This has not stunted her drive and motivation as she still wants to do more, especially internationally. Nina is a caring and hardworking woman whose work speaks volumes of her character. She is surely an advocate who will go down in history for making a mark in children rights advocacy.

Who is Nina Hansen? Her Career info.

Nina Hansen is an American woman whose field of expertise lies in the fast-paced world of law. She is a family attorney who has specialized in looking after the interests of children in particular. This is most likely the result of what happened to her when she was so young. She has gone on record to state as much. Everything Nina does is done for the sole purpose of fighting for the rights of children.

What happened when she was young had a major impact on her life. While negative and traumatizing, it instilled in her a sense of purpose, and drive. She does not want any child to go through the trauma she did, and this pushes her to fight tooth and nail for children’s rights.

Nina is presently one of the best lawyers in the field. The woman is an outstanding lawyer who has already given so much to help. With the experience she has got, it makes her the best guide for international law and children law. The lawyer also runs Freemans Solicitors’ household area.

Nina is also a published author, with her biography out there in the market. In it, she talks about everything that happened. The incident with her father happened when she was two years old, and in her suit, she told the court that it still disturbs her up to date. What he did cause her emotional turmoil, the likes of which no one, especially children, should never have to experience.

Nina Hansen Net Worth

Law can be a good career option. The average income of a lawyer is approximately $9,938 a month, and this figure amounts to $119,250 a year. The fact that she is an expert in the field, and boasting years and years of experience means that Sig Hansen’s daughter, Nina must be earning way above average. That said, Nina Hansen has a reported net worth of $ 100,000.

Image of Nina Hansen daughter of Sig Hansen net worth is $100,000

Nina Hansen, daughter of Sig Hansen net worth is $100,000

While a good portion of this has definitely come from her career in law, we have to remember that she also wrote a biography. The book is fairly popular, and as such, helps generate an additional income for the lawyer. This is because authors are usually entitled to a percentage of their book sales. The more sales the book makes, the more money the author will earn.

Is Nina Hansen Married? Who is her Husband?

Not all persons of interest tend to be open about their relationship status.

They may be private people who just chose to keep their personal lives to themselves. This is not odd, as everyone is entitled to their privacy. Unfortunately, Nina Hansen is one such individual. There is no information available at any relationships she has had, past or present. We don’t know whether she is married or not, or who her husband is, or if she has any children.

Lawyers tend to keep hectic schedules, and more often than not, it could affect their personal lives. So Nina could not even be married in the first place. A search of her social media also revealed nothing. For now, we just have to go with speculation.

Nina Hansen Age, Wiki, Bio, Family, Facts

Full name Nina Hansen
Age 30 years old.
Date of Birth 1988
Place of Birth Seattle, United States of America.
Profession Family Lawyer, Children’s rights advocate
Net worth $ 100,000
Husband Unknown
Kids N/A
Nationality American
Ethnicity Caucasian
Zodiac Sign Unknown
Parents Sig Hansen and June Hansen


Meet family lawyer Nina Hansen, daughter of an American actor, Sig Hansen. Take a look at her impressive law career and net worth. Find out what happened between Nina and her father.

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