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Kevin Gannon is a retired NYPD detective and a homicide killer investigator. The theory about Smiley faces killers is advanced by him and his colleague Anthony Duarte who is a criminal justice professor and gang expert at St. Cloud State University. To know more about Kevin Gannon, his wife and family, read more ahead.

Learn more about whether Kevin Gannon’s married to a wife or single, his family. Also, know about Kevin Gannon’s net worth and wiki/bio.

Who is Kevin Gannon?

Kevin Gannon was born and raised in the United States. The details of his age and the exact place of birth is unknown to the public. As for his parents, his father was a police officer. Gannon seemed to have inherited the traits of his father when it comes to being a detective.

Lastly, other relevant details of his education, siblings, and family, in general, have not been disclosed.

Career, Early life

Kevin Gannon began his career back in the 90s as an officer in NYPD. He was there for over 20 years, most of which were filled with success and troubles too.  His career went to the limelight after being in an investigation based on the theory named smiley face killers.

According to the theory, it was reported that the deaths began occurring from 1997. Gannon and his team discovered that most people who were murdered were mostly handsome men approximately in their early 20s. The young men loved to party and hung out in bars. They also discovered that over 50 bodies of such people were found dumped in water bodies of over 11 states across the United States. The investigators also came up with a theory that the murderers were most likely to be an organized gang since they left out Smiley Graffiti face near the location of the dumped bodies.

Many people came to diminish the theory claiming that the people who murdered were not serial killers. The La Crose Wisconsin Police department claimed that the deaths were as a result of accidental drowning. In the eight cases that they handled, there was no smiley face graffiti present in the crime scene. Another criminal profiler claimed that the serial killer theory evidence did not fit what is Known about the serial killers.

Another challenge came by when Ruben Rosario a member of the pioneer press questioned the motive of Kevin Gannon since he failed to provide enough evidence to justify his theory. Many people now wonder if Gannon is trying to help or hurt more some families who suffered the loss of their children.

Image of Kevin Gannon from documentary series , Smiley Face Killers: The hunt for justice

Kevin Gannon from documentary series, Smiley Face Killers: The hunt for justice

Due to these factors, Oxygen Television network created a documentary series named Smiley Face Killers: The hunt for justice.  In the TV series, episode one dealt with the death of Dakota James, episode two dealt with Luke Homan’s death, and that was the cycle until the recent episode 6. The show began on January 2019, and it seeks to ensure and find a possible connection to the smiley face murder theory with hopes of reopening the cases and getting full details on the cause of death.

As for Kevin Gannon, he has made over 1000 felony apprehensions and has also received 100 medals for his bravery in the police department. After his retirement, he was the most highly decorated officer in the N.Y.P.D history.

Kevin Gannon Net Worth

Great power shows with great responsibility, and as for Gannon, he has proven responsible in most of the cases he worked on.  Due to that, his earnings in the police industry were a good amount. However, it’s hard to estimate his salary.

Image of Detective Kevin Gannon net worth is currently not available

Detective Kevin Gannon net worth is currently not available

Lastly, being a high profile retired officer, he was highly honored. He received several appealing awards, not excluding money. As of Kevin Gannon net worth, the exact figure is not known.  Gannon has also not disclosed his assets like houses and cars. Being a detective, he may wish to keep his life private and far from the public eye.

Kevin Gannon Wife, Married, Children

Kevin Gannon has not revealed whether he is married or not. Apart from that, there have been no controversies against his relationship affairs since he began his career.  What’s more, there are no reports on whether he has children or not. He has always maintained privacy when it comes to family matters.

Family, Obituary

Ever since he retired from being a detective, he has never been spotted in any events with his family. Details of whether he is dead or alive are not in the public domain.

Measurements: Height and Weight

Kevin stands at a height of 5 feet and 4 inches. He has black hair too. Details of his other measurements are not known by any reliable online source.

Image of Kevin Gannon height is 5 feet 4 inches

Kevin Gannon height is 5 feet 4 inches


Kevin Gannon was born and raised in the United States. We do not know whether he is married or he has children. His net worth has never been revealed by any known sources.

Kevin Gannon Wiki, Bio, Birth Name, Age, Facts

Birth Name Kevin Gannon
Place of Birth United States of America
Age unknown
Profession Detective
Nationality American
Height 5 feet 4 inches
Net worth Unknown
Death-O-Meter Unknown

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