June Hansen Cancer, Health, Husband, Daughter, Net Worth, Sig Hansen’s Wife

June Hansen is the beloved wife of Sig Hansen. Sig is famous for being the captain of the fishing vessel, Northwestern. From 2006  onwards, he has appeared in every season of Discovery documentary TV series, Deadliest Catch. He served as a technical advisor for the production of the show, Deadliest Catch.

As of recent happenings, Sig Hanse’s wife June Hansen has been diagnosed with cancer. The news broke out during the episode of Deadliest Catch. Get to know more about the Deadliest Catch’s Sig Hansen’s wife June Hansen.

Who is Sig Hansen’s wife, June Hansen?

Sig Hansen’s wife  June Hansen ‘s date of birth has not been disclosed as of yet. Similarly, there is no information about her family details, siblings and educational background.

While there is no information about her profession, Sig Hansen ‘s wife June Hansen is possible profession could be related to make up department. She is known for her works in Deadliest Catch, Deadliest Catch: Stan Hansen Legacy and Josh Taylor’s Prom Date.

June Hansen Net Worth along with her husband, Sig is $3 Million

Talking about June Hansen’s net worth and earnings, the wife of Sig Hansen, June Hansen’s net worth is estimated to be in hundreds of thousands of dollars. Her source of income comes working in several TV series and movies such as Josh Taylor’s Prom Date, Deadliest Catch and Deadliest Catch: Stan Hansen Legacy.

Image of June Hansen’ husband Sig Hansen ‘s net worth is at $3 million

June Hansen’ husband Sig Hansen ‘s net worth is at $3 million

Similarly, June Hansen’ husband Sig Hansen ‘s net worth is at $3 million. His massive fortune comes from his role as technical advisor for Discovery documentary series, Deadliest Catch. Sig receives an impressive $500,000 as a salary from the Deadliest Catch for appearing in season. In addition, he also has a monthly income of $40,000.

Furthermore, Sig Hansen ‘s other source of income comes from his profession as an author. He has written several books which helped him to significantly increase his wealth and net worth.

June Hansen Husband, Married, Children

Talking about the personal life of June Hansen, she is a happily married woman. The exact date of the blessed duo ‘s marriage date and their dating history is still under wraps. But, it is apparent, they have a long and blissful married life. The duo does not have any biological children of theirs. But the couple has adopted two daughters, Nina Hansen, and Mandy Hansen.

Image of June Hansen with her husbnad Sig Hansen

June Hansen with her husband, Sig Hansen

The wife of Sig Hansen, June Hansen is currently residing in their lavish home in Seattle, with her loving husband and two gorgeous daughters. Sig and June Hansen’s daughter Nina Hansen is more adventurous among two daughters.

Image of June Hansen daughter Nina Hansen

June Hansen daughter Nina Hansen

She loves the thrill of adventure and often goes out to her dad during his fish hunting escapades. The couple another daughter Mandy Hansen Pederson is equally as outgoing as her sister, Nina. Sig daughter’s Mandy also helps his father as the skipper of the fishing vessel, Northwestern.

Image of June Hansen with her husband Sig Hansen and daughter Mandy Hansen

June Hansen with her husband Sig Hansen and daughter Mandy Hansen

Who is June Hansen’s husband, Sig Hansen?

June Hansen‘s husband, Sig Hansen is a famed technical advisor of the Discovery documentary series, Deadliest Catch and the captain of the fishing ship,  Northwestern. Sig occasionally does some a voice acting and provided the voice behind the boat named Crabby in the Disney Pixar animated movie, Cars 2.

Image of TV actor, Sig Hansen

TV actor, Sig Hansen

Moving on, he has been married twice in his life. Sig Hansen married his first spouse, Lisa Eckstrom in  1987. The couple became the parent of a daughter whom they named Melissa Eckstrom. Sig Hansen’s daughter, Melissa Eckstorm was born in 1990.

Sig Hansen’s biological daughter, Melissa accused Sig of sexually abusing him when she was a mere infant. According to the sources, the incident made her fall into depression and even thought of committing suicide. From Sig Hansen point of view, he claims the allegations made against him is untrue. The case is still pending at the court and the verdict can go either way.

However, after divorcing from his wife, Lisa Eckstorm, Sig Hansen found hope in life in the form of his second wife, June Hansen. The couple has two adopted daughters, Mandy and Nina Hansen. Sig and his loyal family are currently living a happy and prosperous life in their comfortable house in Seattle.

June Hansen Cancer and Health Updates. How is Sig Hansen’s wife Doing now?

In early July 2019, during an episode of  Deadliest Catch, Sig when his wife, June Hansen called him and informed that she had cancer and her health is getting worse. The Deadliest Catch technical advisor, Sig handled the sad and heartbreaking news professionally and mature manner.

As per an article was written by Tvshowcase.com, Sig Hansen stated that his wife is suffering from some sort of neck area related to cancer. As of now, June Hansen cancer update has not been disclosed as of yet. However, we hope that Sig Hansen’s wife is hopefully doing well and updates about his wife conditions to his fans pretty soon.

June Hansen Wiki, Bio, Net Worth, Husband

Full name June Hansen
Age N/A
Birthdate N/A
Birthplace N/A
Nationality American
Ethnicity White
Profession Celebrity wife
Spouse Sig Hansen
Networth N/A
Height N/A
Weight N/A
Marital Status Married
Children 2 stepdaughter: Nina Hansen, Mandy Hansen
Zodiac N/A
Social Media N/A

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