Is Nicole Tuck wife of American record producer DJ Khaled’s Wife? or Just a Fiance? Also, more about her Bio & Baby!

It seems as though after dad DJ Khaled, it is his son Asahd taking over his social media legacy. The little guy is so filled with cuteness that he gets tons of likes and comments on his pictures. Apart source of his cuteness is dad Khaled who we know a lot about but what about the other part that is mother Nicole Tuck.

Nicole Tuck’s Bio:

Nicole Tuck is not an unheard name but at the same time isn’t a household one as well. We all recognize her as the girlfriend or fiancé of DJ Khaled and Mother of Asahd. Today let us take this opportunity to recognize Nicole Tuck from her own life stories.

Nicole Tuck aside of her celebrity status has her own personal interests, hobbies, and profession. One of them is fashion and she even owned a clothing line called ABU Apparel that she started in2011. However, her corporation was short-lived and she returned to being her fiancé’s unofficial business representative/manager.

Nicole Tuck certainly must be skilled in business considering her education. She received a Bachelor’s degree from Marymount Manhattan College and also received master’s degree from Fordham University according to her LinkedIn profile.

Other than that we also had a look into her Instagram account and could portray a little bit about her personality. She also is more down to earth than you think. Her witty captions reflect that she has a great sense of humor. She also loves to share the pictures of animals on her account. She also proved she had a heart of gold participating in a lot of charitable causes like ‘Hope for Harvest’.

Her Baby:

Nicole Tuck, fiancée of the singer-songwriter Khaled loves only one thing more dearly than him, their son, Asahd. Khaled might be the one who keeps posting pictures with him but that doesn’t mean that Nicole loves him any less. Asahd was born on October 23, 2016.

Asahd was born a star with DJ Khaled live streaming Nicole’s labor. The hip hop artist also known for being a Snapchat icon shared several photos and videos from Nicole’s labor that let his fans experience the moment alongside him and his family. He shared very heart-touching snaps life Nicole’s face bearing the excruciating pains of labor and him kissing her baby bump right before conception.

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After the labor ended, specifically 7 minutes into DJ Khaled’s Snapchat story we could hear Asahd in the back. Afterward, he shared more photos of the baby including a picture of Asahd’s footprint on his forearm. At 6 months old Khaled is not just an internet sensation, he is the executive producer of DJ Khaled’s upcoming album

How They Met and Relationship Problems:

Nicole and Khaled have known each other for a long time. The longtime couple had been dating for a great amount of time until they got engaged and haven’t talked about getting married just yet. It is not just Khaled that Nicole has known for so long and been in a relationship. She had a good relationship with Khaled’s mother. So they had been a trio rather than a couple.

However, no relationship is perfect and they too had to face some problems in their relationship. The first one was when DJ Khaled once went viral when he proposed to Nicki Minaj in 2013 around the time their collaboration song ‘I Wanna Be with You’ came out. He further took a serious note by involving a 500,000 dollar engagement ring. Many believed that it was a public stint and it kind of was as Nicki Minaj herself cleared it off assuring it was a joke labeling Khaled as her “brother”. Similarly, Khaled also opened up about it revealing it to be a prank. Hopefully, Nicole must have been in the prank as she did not have a heart attack upon hearing the news.

Nicki Minaj and Hip-hop singer DJ Khaled

DJ Khaled with his past girlfriend Nicki Minaj

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We do not know details about their future but why sulk around in the past when you can look at the bright future. We all hope to hear the wedding bell ring in their engagement and they officially call each other husband and wife and have lots of cute children like Asahd.

A cute and happy family of DJ Khaled with wife and son

DJ Khaled with wife Nicole Tuck and son Asahd in BET Awards

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