The Hottie from Storage Wars, Mary Padian’s Wiki, Net Worth, Boyfriend, Husband, Married Life

They say that women have an eye for value and can determine the real value of anything. Proving this mindset to be true is A & E’s Storage War’s Mary Padian who is skilled for making treasure out of junk. Having a partner like that must be everyone’s goal but is Padian already taken? Find out if the hot Mary Padian is single, married or engaged.

Mary Paiden Reality Show Storage Wars

Mary Paidan, Photoshoot by(@steveerle) during her Reality Show “Storage Wars”.

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She is not married to have a husband. But we know about her Mystery Boyfriend

She does not have a husband for now but doesn’t get too excited guys cause she is taken. She is in a relationship with her boyfriend Danny. We might know that she has a boyfriend named Danny but that is all we know about it due to her strictly private personal life. We discovered Danny when he starred alongside Mary in an episode of Storage Wars titled ‘Mary’s Big Score’.

It turns out that Mary does not just have great eyes for objects but also men. Danny was a tall and handsome guy with blonde hair tied in a trendy bun. When her co-star Rene interrogated Mary if the handsome guy was her employee, it was Danny who corrected her that he was her boyfriend. Rene further teased Mary saying, “Boyfriend? Robbing the cradle… aren’t there laws against that?” pointing out the obvious age gap between the two. Mary might not have gotten the joke and was quick to defend herself saying, “He’s not that young!”

Her Impressive Net Worth:

It is not such a surprise to us however that Mary bagged a younger and such a handsome guy as her boyfriend. She herself has preserved herself pretty well physically despite turning 37 this year in August 24. Not just physically but she has done really well in the economic sector of her life as well. She has a total net worth estimated to be as much as about 600,000 American dollars with a huge income of about 450,000 dollars she receives she does per season.

Mary Paidan Storage war

Mary Paiden And Her Storage War Gang(@AETV @Brandipassante @storagewarsivy                        @Jarrodmschulz @auctionguydan  @paytheladylaura @JackiesFamous).

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Besides her reality show, ‘Storage Wars’ she also has a business of running her Design District Furnishing store, ‘Mary’s Finds’. She adopted the name ‘Mary’s Find’ from the time before when she used to make her own videos of refurbishing old objects while she was working for the magazine ‘Digest’ in New York City. Before this, she also was an intern at the D Magazine. For now, she quietly runs her store and spends time with her boyfriend after she finishes the shoot for ‘Storage Wars’.

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