Karen Huger Age, Husband, Marriage, Divorce, Net worth

Fans are eager to know about socialite Keren Huger. Born on May 3rd, 1963, the 54-year-old mom is shining in social media. She is a social media icon with more than 40,000 Instagram followers and 10,000 Twitter followers. Keren was growing up in Virginia on a farm with her large family. She got time to look at her father’s hardship and patience, follow him and now she is climbing up without looking back. She was date raped at the age of 19 according to her. Name of the culprit lies only with her as she said she already forgive him.

Karen’s Married life, Husband and Family

She is married from 20 years to Raymond or “Black bill gates”, though his husband doesn’t like it. Raymond is CEO and president of a successful IT company. She is proud of his success also she has worked so hard on their relationship to make their life happy. Raymond and Karen have a son and a daughter, their son Brandon is 29 while daughter Rayvin is 19. For Karen, her family is the most important thing for her.

Karen Huger And Her Husbend

Karen Huger With Her Husband Raymond.

Source: Instagram

Karen Huger’s Net worth is estimated around U.S$ 10 million. Also, she started her own company, Ikon Enterprises, which is a beauty boutique. She also serves as a public speaker for female empowerment.

The RHOP show

The reason behind Karen’s stardom is “The Real Housewife of Potomac” A.K.A RHOP which is in its second season. RHOP Is an American reality television series premiered on January 2016 which focuses on the personal and professional lives of a group of women living in Potomac, Maryland. Focused on Gizelle Bryant, Ashley Darby, Robyn Dixon, Charrisse Jackson-Jordan, Katie Rost and Keren Huger. The reality series is broadcast on the Bravo Channel network in the United States.

Karen Huger RHOP Season 2

Karen Huger in and with “The Real Housewives of Potomac” season 2 team.

Source: The Inquisitr

Feud with Charrisse Jackson-Jordan

People are curious about the relationship going with Charrisse Jackson-Jordan. Can a pack of real housewives ever have fun on a group trip and chill out? Definitely, no that’s what people love the ladies for. Recently she is in a clash with Charrisse Jackson-Jordan. The chaos rises as Karen called Jackson-Jordan that she broke down and was jealous. Charisse says she is a strong woman and Karen is no competition for her. According to Charrisse, Karen always tries to show negative vibe towards her.

Charrisse and Karen Huger Fued

Drama between Charrisse and Karen shows the sign of insecure women.

Source: iRealHousewives

Karen thinks of Charrisse being her competitor according to Charrisse. Of course, these shows are nothing without lots of dramas in it. Also, she may have said things because the cameras are rolling and she can get a reaction from viewers. In her blog, Charrisse Jackson-Jordan says “Only Karen would take my little emotional moment and turn it into it not being me.

She isn’t accustomed to bringing a true friend to anyone, so I don’t expect her to understand how much friendship means to me.” Are Karen and Charrisse going to be friends? They could be friends and just show off for the show. Who knows, but what they have to offer in near future fans will be waiting for the new episode of the real housewife of Potomac.

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