I am Jazz star Jazz Jennings Talks about her Surgery! Also, Transgender teen reveals she is attracted to boyfriend

You know the meaning or LGBTQ? If yeah, then you have an interesting topic today. LGBTQ rights are something that people have been sounded a lot these days. It has been coming to be one of the major issues in the world or agenda, and the one who has been building quite the name for herself as an LGBTQ activist is the teenager or 16 aged Jazz Jennings.

Jazz award-winning TLC series, “I Am Jazz’s” next seasons are going to focus on how the lady has decided to undergo surgery for her bottom, which her voice, is the last step to accepting her genuine. So let us talk the real reality and also shed some light on her will to rather date a transgender boy and have him as her boyfriend or dating a girlfriend.

Spokesmodel, YouTuber, TV personality and LGBTQ rights activist Jazz Jennings at the NYC Pride Parade.

Spokesmodel, YouTuber and LGBTQ rights activist Jazz Jennings at the NYC Pride Parade.

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Jazz Jennings’ Surgery! Why her bottom surgery is so confounded.

The forthcoming third season of Jazz Jennings’ show, I Am Jazz, will concentrate on the transgender the reality star’s first choice to experience surgery, which she calls a final stride in her journey to turning into her most bona fide self. As of late, she examined the methodology and opened up about the deterrents in her way. She shouted that there are definitely a lot of complications regarding the bottom surgery. They’ve been talking about it a lot.

Jazz Jennings Opens Up About Her Surgery.

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 Well, we see in the show, there are some troubles because she has been on the hormone blockers and basically, she hasn’t had a lot of development, so they are debating if she has enough material to work with.

Well, Jazz also added that it is all weird stuff; it has been a journey for sure. However, she hasn’t gotten the procedure yet, but this season we’ll see her go on consultations and finding the surgeon of her choice.

This lady also talks about the truth that the procedure was a tough one, but fear is not going to stop her, she addressed that with any surgery, there are always fear, and she knows her mom. Mom is especially fearful because she doesn’t like her going under anesthesia and all that stuffs. But for her, she isn’t anxious about it, because she is actually kind of excited.

before and after Jazz Jennings

Transgender Jazz Jennings before and after photo.

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Who is her Boyfriend? Dating a Boy or Girl?

Now, this retakes us too late in the years of 2016, when this lady disclosed that she struggled in her dating life throughout her high school period. She said that boys used to huge her mates, but used to whisk past her, as if she never existed. She stated that boys were flirt hug her friends, but they just whisk by her as if she doesn’t exist. Jazz also added that let’s face it; your average straight cis-gender teenager guy isn’t going to pursue a relationship with a trans-lady. Even if the guy does find her attractive, it could be social suicide if he acts on his feelings.

And then she continued that she would rather date a transgender guy as her boyfriend. She stated that she has loved to meet a cute trans-boy who will be her true love, or possibly her soul mate or potential husband. Nevertheless, the dating pool is less than limited, because she has the only ‘out’ transgender lady in her college. She feels others are lurking, some may be stealth, while others just aren’t ready to come out.

Actress Jazz Jennings with her rumored boyfriend.

Jazz Jennings with her rumored boyfriend.

Source: YouTube.com

Well, she also explained how she got a call from her boyfriend for elementary school. The unexpectedly, she gets a text from old mates. Not just any friends, but a male friend. He knew she was trans-lady, but didn’t care. Their parents played matchmaker and prior she could object he was her boyfriend. They held hand, went to the fair and the films. They giggled a lot, and had fun on their “playdates,” and also kissed couple times. So is the guy who messaged her, the one she has been searching for all her life? Let’s wait and see what happens in her dating or married life.

A short Wiki-Like Bio of Jazz Jennings:

As Jazz Jennings, she was born on October 6, 2000, in South Florida, the USA to her parents Greg and Jeanette in a Jewish family. Her actual name is Jared, and famous as an American YouTube star, TV character, and LGBTQ rights extremist. She is most well known for her TLC show “I Am Jazz” and the third season of the show is debuting not long from now. Last but not the least; she holds American nationality and Jewish-American ethnicity. Well, she has an approximated net worth of $500 thousand dollars in 2017.

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