Pharma CEO Martin Shkreli’s Net Worth in 2017! Know his Business & Salary! Arrested in Aids or Drug case?

Born on April 1983 Martin Shkreli is known as the Hatest man in the world or the Pharma bro. He is an Albanian American businessman. Shkreli is also co-founder of MSMB Capital Management and founder of Turing Pharmaceuticals AG. He is well known as a hedge fund founder and former chief executive officer of the biotechnology firm Retrophin. Shkerli had also served as chair of the board of the National Albanian American Council since 2008.

Martin Shkreli’s Net Worth

Looking at his business Martin’s net worth was U.S $50 million after Retrophin Pharma collected us$ 57,142,857 in 2012 which inducted him in Forbes 30 on 30 in finance list the same year. He improved his net worth to us$ 80million in 2013 due to Turing Pharma. Moreover, the Pharma bro reached up to U.S $ 100 million net worth in 2015.

Wu- Tang Clan’s Single copy album

Not only this Mr. Martin is the only owner the Wu-Tang Clans Once upon a time in Shaolin (2015) purchased for U.S $2 million. Once upon a time in Shaolin has been heard only one time in public. The Wu-Tang rappers decided to make the only copy available and to sell at the auction. Rappers also specify that copyright for the record will last for 88 years. More shocking Martin made a promise to break it apart if Hillary Clinton wins the election and leak part by part from the album if Donald Trump wins the American presidential election, which he kept by streaming videos online after trump’s victory in November 2016.

Caption: Martin Shkreli Leaks Wu-Tang “Once Upon A Time In Shaolin” audio after Donald Trump’s presidency win

Price Hike of Daraprim

He came into focus in September 2015 for acquiring manufacture license of the drug Daraprim and raised the price of each pill from 13.50 U.S $ to 750 U.S $. Daraprim is used in the treatment of cancer and aids patient. He has been defending himself saying is still a low rate of him. He claims that looking at its invention it should be expensive in many ways. It’s business and he is doing it for his shareholders in his perspective. While the world is criticizing him for raising the price of Daraprim, he says he is selling the drug to the government for a dollar but for big companies like wall mart its 750 U.S $ which he will use in research for the goodwill of kids.

Martin Shkreli’s Arrest

Well, it’s only the criticism though; Martin was arrested by Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) in December 2017. According to FBI he is accused of security fraud, ran his company like a Ponzi scheme.  Retrophin seeking 65 million U.S $ from Martin, accused him of misusing company cash and stock. On his hearing however his lawyer manages to provide bail on 5 million U.S $ bond. Even Greeble, a lawyer from New York was also arrested and charged to have helped Martin in his schemes and was freed on a million U.S $ bond.

Martin Shkreli got arrested in 2017 for misusing his company's cash

Caption: Martin Shkreli arrested by FBI in 2017 for the accusation of security fraud

Source: BBC

Martin is without a doubt highly intelligent with extreme controversy. With the court’s decision still to come we can say he earned lots of critics and haters still some agrees the fact he is highly intelligent and manifestation of the American dream.

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