Who is Hot Actress Brooke Langton Married to? Also Know her Husband, Net worth, Measurements.

Ever waited eagerly for a show in Fox at 8 pm on Monday? If yes, you might know what I am talking about. Melrose Place has always been one of the favorite soap opera of nineties women.

Well, that’s not the topic I’m gonna gossip about today. If you were a diehard fan of the show definitely you might be knowing ‘Samantha Relly’. Yes, gained popularity from Melrose Place, the hot and sizzling Brooke Langton had made a quick move into her career as a television actress.

Don’t you want to know where she is now and how’s her personal life going on? Definitely yes, everybody wants to know!

Brooke Langton Husband, Married, Boyfriend and Dating History.

Talking about her personal life, as the star prefers to keep her personal life a secret, it’s not easy to learn about her relationship status. In spite of her relationship rumors with Billy Campbell (Andrew Shue), the co-actor of Melrose Place probably due to the stunning chemistry they shared, it is revealed that it was only a rumor and in fact, she was in a relationship with George Clooney.

Ex-girlfriend of George Clooney, Brooke Langton was seen in happy time

Caption: Brooke Langton with her rumored boyfriend George Clooney

Source: CBS News

Since no details were explored of them being spotted together at any times, this news was too considered as a rumor. George Clooney, who is currently married to Amal Clooney, a Human Rights Layer since 2014; is an American actor, filmmaker, activist, businessman, and Physiotherapist.

Later in 1997 she officially started dating her boyfriend David Chokachi. But everything did not seem to go well in their relationship. Some serious problems had started in their relationship in spite the couples were made the limelight. The couples seemed to have huge hopes for this relationship. Sad that it didn’t go well.

Since the hot actress never reveals officially regarding her personal life with the public, a huge doubt came up in public mind of whether the couples were really dating each other or was this a rumor too?

David Chokachi is an American film and television actor known for his role in the TV series WITCH BLADE, BAY WATCH and BEYOND THE BREAK. Currently, the actor is married to Susan Brubaker since 2004.

In 2008, the never known married Brooke Langton came out with a heavy mystery of her life.  The media had spotted her with a kid named Zane. The surprise stands as the reporters reported the young guy to be her son and they were spotted at the Second Annual Kids Stock Music and Art Festival in Beverley Hills, California.

Leaving the public amazed, there raised a lot of questions in the mind of the people about who the biological father could be and whom could she had married to. Well, it’s not uncommon to have such doubts in the eyes of the people because there was no news about her relationship and her pregnancy when suddenly the mysterious little boy popped up.

Is she really married or is she a single mom? Who’s her boyfriend and is she actually in a relationship? Well, that’s an unsolved mystery till now.

Net Worth, Movies & TV shows

Though it’s not necessary for her to reveal her personal relationship to the public, she has always been the topic of public interest. Probably due to her hot and sexy appearance in the television, her banana shaped figure with very small hips or due to her admirable hard work that she has put up in her career.

Born in 1970, in Mexico, the 2 million dollar worth Brooke spent her childhood in Illinois and Texas. She started as a model in Japan long before her career as an actress. She entered the television through FRESHMAN DORM, an American drama television series in 1992. She also made up in other series like BEBERELY HILLS 90210, BAYWATCH and CALIFORNIA Dream in the same year. She continued in television by appearing in MOMENT OF THE TRUTH; CULT RESCUE in 1994, when she made an appearance in the film TERMINAL VELOCITY in the same year. Her acting career continued in many series and movies and made a tremendous success in the FOX opera soap Melrose Place. She was last seen in 2015 in a reality game show ALL FOR SVERIGE.

'Melrose Place' is successfull movie for Brooke Langton to increase her net worth

Caption: Brooke Langton scene in movie ‘Melrose Place’

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Currently, she’s had had a long gap in her television appearance. Why has she been inactive these days? Probably the admirable star of all times is busy with her mysterious life, her husband and her family or else she might be planning for a sudden comeback. Hope we’ll get to know from her soon without another shock.

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