Ghost Museum and Demon House Star Zak Bagans Wife, Girlfriend. or Is He a Gay?

When it comes to hunting for Ghosts and the paranormal, Zak Bagans makes it look a lot easier than it is. Even after following such a heart-wrenching activity as a profession and passion it seems as though hunting for a wife has been harder for Zak. Learn all about the dating and love life of Zak Bagans. Was he engaged to his girlfriend? Find Out.

Zak Bagans Mystery Wife, Girlfriend or Gay?

Zak Bagans is a man full of mystery not just because of his relations with ghosts and spirits but also in his personal life. Some celebrities like to keep their personal life a secret while others are open about it and both of these things are completely understandable but Zak is a weird guy who seems to like to stir up some mystery.

We are not sure of Zak’s dating or married life but Zak came out big on Twitter when he announced his engagement. Zak first tweeted the news of his engagement on 9:45 am and later posted the picture of his beautiful fiancé, Ashley an hour later. Before any of his fans reading this start making up their own future about him getting married and living happily with his new wife they might want to know one thing. The tweets were posted on the 1st of April 2014.

So to find out facts, we did a further more research and came to find out that the only person associated in his life named Ashley is Ashley Wasley, Zak’s co-star, and wife of his other ‘Ghost Adventures’ co-star Jay Wasley. Although we can’t say for sure since Zak announced that he was single in another tweet only a year later on 21st June 2015 without even a buzz of a split with his fiancé we can say that he could have pulled a fast fool’s day prank on his followers.

This is not the first time that Zak Bagans has pulled a fast one on his fans. He once appeared in a Youtube video for the channel ‘The Worlds Most Random’ alongside colleague and co-stars Aaron Goodwin and talked about them being gay. Anyone could tell that the video was done just for the purpose of laughter and the ghost hunters took it one step further talking about their own romantic relationship together.

Ghost Museum and Demon House:

It is clear to understand from his work that Zak is not just passionate but obsessed about ghosts and paranormal factors. He had once gone so far as to buy a “Demon House”. Yes, you did not read anything wrong; he bought a 35000 thousand dollars house in Indiana that has a history of demonic possessions and activities. A mother of 2 who owned the house in 2012 had made several claims of sinister activities in the house that were backed by child services as well as several other witnesses. The most extreme cases even cited her son walking on the ceiling while her daughter hovered over the bed.

After Zak bought the house he spent a couple of nights there and documented his own demonic experience in the house. After that, he concluded that the house did, in fact, have very dark energy so for the safety of possible inhabitants, he has demolished the house and locked away the rubble in storage just to be sure.

If buying a haunted house wasn’t enough now Zak has also almost done with opening his haunted museum. Yes, the 40-year-old is almost done with opening his own haunted museum in downtown Las Vegas. He has even purchased the Wengert House built in 1938 for this purpose and divided it into 30 room sections of haunted objects at the display. The antiques and oddities in the museum also feature Michael Jackson’s Make-up chair. Furthermore, the museum will be featured in an episode of ‘Ghost Adventurers’ to deal with paranormal experiences had by the staff of the museum.

His Short Bio:

Zak Bagans originally, Zachary Alexander “Zak” Bagans was born on born April 5, 1977, in Washington DC, USA. He had attended Glenbard West High School and also graduated from Motion Picture Institute in Michigan. Apart from his buff body, Zak is also known for his awesome tattoos. He has the biggest one on his upper back of a winged demon, Aries on right arm, the inscriptions ‘Denn die often Reiten Schnell’ that is German for ‘the dead travel fast’ spanning along his left arm, a big Christian cross on his right arm and a smaller Celtic cross on the index finger of his right hand. Apart from that he also has a tattoo of the number 11 in one of his fingers from the infamous room 11 of the Silver Queen Hotel in Virginia.

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