NFL Cynthia Frelund’s bio, net worth, salary, career, dating history, husband, marriage

Cynthia Frelund is a well known American sports analyst. The highly qualified and experienced analyst has been doing great work for a few years now and has a great career ahead of her. With her long curly blonde hair, blue eyes and bright smile, Cynthia Frelund has got herself a great number of fans across the USA. As any other famous person’s fans, Cynthia’s are showing a great interest in the lady’s private life. We all want to know more about her, like what her net worth and salary are. Obviously, her love life is also a subject of interest for her fans. Let’s find out all about Cynthia Frelund’s dating history, possible husband, and marriage plans. But first, let’s have a look at her career.

Frelund’s career

Cynthia Frelund started her career in 2005, after earning a Master’s Degree, majoring in Entrepreneurship & Innovation, Finance, and Marketing. First, she worked at Fusion as a senior analyst. She worked there for three years, and there are no details about what salary she earned during that time. After leaving Fusion in 2008, Cynthia worked for the National Football League as an expert on economic strategies. She worked there for less than a year. This analyst is also a fitness buff and she has worked as a certified pilates and group fitness instructor at Equinox for five years. Prior to joining NFL, Cynthia worked as an analyst and associate director for ESPN. She was also the producer for Next Generation Content Strategy at ESPN. In 2016, the analytics expert joined NFL. She appears regularly on the NFL Network on shows like NFL GameDay Morning and NFL Fantasy Live, among others.

Cynthia Frelund careers timeline

Cynthia Frelund careers timeline

Next up, let’s see what we can find out about the celebrity’s net worth and salary.

Her net worth and salary

This famous lady has never been too eager to reveal any information about her personal life. This includes her net worth and annual salary. Considering her skills as an analyst, it is probably safe to say that she is a millionaire. There are some speculations online that her annual salary might be approximately $300,000 dollars. She never confirmed this, though. As we said, she never revealed anything about her net worth. But it is probably way above $1 million.

Enough about her career and financial situation. Let’s dive right into this lady’s dating history and see if she’s found the perfect husband.

Is Cynthia Frelund married or is she dating anyone?

Apart from being an expert in analytics, Cynthia is also an expert at keeping her life private. The lady just won’t say anything about a husband, any marriage plans, or even dating history. She is also active on social media sites. You’d think she might be more open there. Nope, she has not once said anything about dating anyone. With this in mind, we can only assume that the lady is still not married. Nevertheless, we hope that she will soon find the right guy and get married.

Short biography

Cynthia Frelund was born in Okemos, Michigan. She also grew up there and graduated from Okemos High School. In 2001, she earned a spot at the Boston College, graduating four years later with a Bachelor’s degree in science. Then she earned a Master’s degree in Science, Predictive Analytics at Northwestern University. Later, she joined the prestigious business school, Kellogg School of Management. She did not yet reveal her exact date of birth. Cynthia weighs about 60 kgs and is about 1,7m tall.

In conclusion, let us hope that we shall soon see Cynthia Frelund accompanied by her loving husband.



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