Is Tanner Fox Dating? Who is the YouTuber’s New Girlfriend?

Tanner Fox has been gaining a lot of popularity recently on social media. He owes this to his YouTube channel that he started in 2011. First, his channel was called MT films. He started his channel with a 40 seconds video of him performing a scooter trick, not knowing what great success was prepared for him. Skating from the young age of 2, Tanner focused on posting skating videos. He was only eleven years old when he started filming. His newfound hobby even got him kicked out of a private Catholic school. The reason was that he filmed something in class and uploaded the video on YouTube. Obviously, that did not have any effect on the kid’s passion for skating. Not only does he skate, but he is also famous in the field of freestyle scooter riding.

Less than two years ago, Tanner’s channel was only reaching 100 thousand subscribers. Tanner Fox uploads videos almost on a daily basis, and this got him his well-deserved success. In 2016, his channel was the fastest growing channel on YouTube, having currently more than 4.4 million subscribers. Tanner has been sponsored by many great brands, such as Root Industries, The Grind Shop and Lucky Scooters. His most famous video is ‘BMX vs SCOOTER’, which Tanner produced alongside UK’s pro BMX rider Harry Main.

Tanner Fox often collaborates on videos with his best friend, Jake Angeles, who is also a freestyle scooter rider. He has also done videos with famous pranksters Roman Atwood and Justin Stuart, as well as Casey Neistat.

What’s Tanner Fox’s relationship status? Is he dating anyone, does he have a girlfriend?

Browsing through Tanner Fox’s uploaded videos, you can find a few titles saying ‘Meet my girlfriend’ or anything related to that. Despite that, most of them are what is known as clickbait. So far, the 17 years old YouTube star has not publicly been in a relationship. Nevertheless, the good looking YouTuber’s vlogging ventures have put him in the spotlight for a great number of female fans. Despite that, he is still single.

There has been a rumor that Tanner might be dating one of his high school friends named Anna. The rumor has not been confirmed, though. On top of that, he has said himself that he is single. In this year’s January, Tanner stated on Twitter that he is willing to start dating: ‘Just realized I’m the only one out of all my friends without a girlfriend???? Taking applications down below????????????’. So, if any fangirls out there are interested, it’s time to act on it.

Let’s hope Tanner will soon find a special girl for him. He is currently living with his family in San Diego, where he shoots most of his videos. His net worth is estimated to be at about 500 thousand dollars, the young man earning about $3000 dollars a day.

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