How much does YouTuber Manny MUA earn? Is he dating? Does he have a boyfriend?

We are all aware of the impact that gay communities and gender-related issues have had on our society over the last few years. Also, we know there are still people who completely disagree with the ways of tolerance. Nevertheless, we should never deny who we really are, and there are many people who promote this way of thinking. A great example is Manny Gutierrez or Manny MUA. He is a famous openly gay YouTuber who specializes in makeup tutorials and beauty hints. He was interested in beauty ever since he was a teenager. His channel was successful from its early days. Gutierrez now has almost 2.7 million subscribers. So how much does the YouTuber earn from doing this? Also, does he have a boyfriend, or is he even dating?

Manny’s love life and fake boyfriend rumor

So far, Manny has been very secretive about his dating and boyfriend history. There is little to no information about the YouTube star’s romantic affairs. He has never talked about his relationships, keeping his love life away from the public eyes. In November 2016, Gutierrez appeared in a few photos of his good friend, Patrick Starrr. Also a famous beauty vlogger, Patrick is also one of his best friends. On 15 November 2016, Patrick posted a few photos of him and Manny getting married. This shocked their fans all around the globe, who were ecstatic about the news. The event was a great surprise, as there was no information or even a rumor about Manny being Patrick’s boyfriend.

The wedding was fake, though, as Patrick Starrr revealed on his YouTube channel shortly after. It was staged as part of a wedding makeup series that Starrr was working on. Nevertheless, the photos were absolutely stunning. Gutierrez posed as Patrick’s husband, and Patrick wore a gorgeous wedding dress. Therefore, it seems that Manny Gutierrez is still single, or maybe too good at hiding his secret boyfriend.

Short bio and net worth

So how much does the YouTube star earn and what’s his net worth? First, let’s see how he got where he is.

Gutierrez was born in 1991 in San Diego, California. He grew up in a well-educated family, who have always encouraged him to study hard, so he could get a guaranteed and safe job. Manny chose the medical field and earned a spot in one of the most prestigious medical schools in the US. Shortly after joining, he decided to drop out and follow his true calling. He worked behind the counters of various makeup shops, where he met Patrick Starrr. They became friends and Patrick guided Manny towards his success. Early this year, the Manny MUA channel’s popularity skyrocketed. As a result, he became very active on other social media platforms, such as SnapChat and Instagram.

Manny works together with Jaclyn Hill. They started collaborating a while back, uploading joint videos. This has brought the two a great success, massively increasing the ad revenue of their channels. Gutierrez has almost 3.5 million followers on Instagram and more than 150 thousand Twitter followers. His net worth is estimated at approximately $350,000. In conclusion, if you ever find yourself in need of makeup tips, we know a guy.


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