Laura Ingraham: Still a Single Mom of Three, Avoiding Any Issues of Husband and Divorce

Let’s talk about one of America’s best-known talk show hosts, Laura Ingraham. We may know a lot about her public life and her political views, but what do we know about her personal life? Is she happily married and living with her husband? How about her past affairs? How does she manage to keep her personal and professional life separated, while also raising three children on her own? Before we get into that, let’s check out how Laura Ingraham got where she is today. The renowned American author and talk show host was born in 1963 in Glastonbury, Connecticut. She grew up there, graduating from Glastonbury High School in 1981. Four years later, she was earning a B.A. degree at Dartmouth College. In 1991, she earned a Juris Doctor degree at the University of Virginia School of Law.

Jeffrey Hart, the faculty adviser for ‘The Dartmouth Review’ has said some harsh words about her. He said that Ingraham has  ‘the most extreme anti-homosexual views imaginable’. He even claimed that Laura Ingraham’s  views on homosexuality made her avoid a local eatery, only because she thought that the waiters were homosexual. Ingraham did not deny her initial opinion on homosexuality, but the year 1997 would have her changing her mind. That year, she wrote an essay in the ‘Washington Post’. In this essay, she said that she had changed her views on homosexuality.

What made her change her mind about this subject was her brother’s relationship with another man. Ingraham said that she changed her opinion after witnessing ‘the dignity, fidelity, and courage’ that her gay brother and his partner showed during their fight with AIDS. Although she is not against same-sex marriage, she stated that she still believes that marriage should be between a man and a woman. Despite that, she Ingraham still has no husband. Although she has not been married so far, she has been involved in several affairs. Laura has three adopted children.

Laura Ingraham’s career

During the ‘80s, Ingraham served as a speechwriter for Ronald Reagan’s  White House. For a short period, she was an editor for the ‘The Prospect’ magazine. After graduating from law school, she worked as a law clerk. Later, she worked as an attorney for a New York-based law firm. In the late ‘90s, Ingraham was a CBS commentator and was hosting ‘Watch it!’. In 2001, the conservative commentator was launching her own radio talk show, ‘The Laura Ingraham Show’. The talk show has a great success. It ranked 5th on Talkers Magazine’s top radio shows of America. Despite her great success, she is not married yet, but we will talk about any possible husband and past affairs soon.

Laura Ingraham supports current US president Donald Trump. Her latest book, ‘Billionaire at the Barricades: The Populist Revolution’, is a tribute to Trump. The author advises Donald Trump to stick to an ‘America First’ agenda.

Laura Ingraham’s private life: Husband, Marriage, Relationship

As we mentioned earlier, Laura Ingraham has three children: Maria Caroline, Michael Dmitri, and Nikolai Peter. She is raising the children by herself, and no, she did not go through a divorce. The successful lady is yet to get married. She did have a few relationships, though, but none of them have concluded in marriage, unfortunately.

Laura has been engaged with Indian – American commentator Dinesh D’Souza. D’Souza did not get to be her husband, though. The couple canceled the engagement for unknown reasons.

Laura Ingraham and Dinesh D’Souza

Laura Ingraham and Dinesh D’Souza

Source: Liverampup

She also had an affair with renowned sports and political commentator Keith Olbermann in the past. but the relationship did not last, and Olbermann is now just another name on the ‘almost husband’ list.

Laura Ingraham and Keith Olbermann

Laura Ingraham and Keith Olbermann

Another failed affair was with former U.S. senator Robert Guy Torricelli. Not husband material, apparently.

Laura Ingraham and Robert Guy Torricelli

Laura Ingraham and Robert Guy Torricelli


In 2005, Laura Ingraham got engaged to businessman James V. Reyes. The couple called the engagement off shortly after announcing it.

Laura Ingraham currently lives with her three adopted children, raising them by herself. She is active on her social media pages, such as Twitter, where she has almost 1.5 million followers. Her fans respect her as a strong independent mother and send her tons of messages of encouragement. Just like her fans, we hope that she will soon be happily married, putting all the affairs behind her.

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