Is Ex- SNL Star Cheri Oteri married? Who is her husband? Did she have plastic surgery?

If you are a ‘Saturday Night Live’ fan, you might know Cheri Oteri. The 54 years old actress was born as Cheryl Ann Oteri in Upper Darby Township. Her father, Tommy Oteri,  was the founder and the CEO of the music publishing company called ‘Of Music’. Cheri Oteri’s mother is unknown, and the actress has a sister and two brothers: Denise, Tommy Jr., and Brian. Her father died in 2008. He was murdered by country singer Richard Fagan. Cheri Oteri is one of America’s most loved comic actresses. She has inspired people since 1995. So, is the actress married or is she dating anyone? Also, did she have plastic surgery? Let’s find out about her husband, dating and other personal affairs.

Cheri Oteri’s Career in SNL

Cheri Oteri made her debut in 1995 as a performer for ‘Saturday Night Live’. The SNL producers attended a performance, intending to audition Chris Kattan for a role. Between two parts of Kattan’s performance, Cheri Oteri performed a monologue. She impressed the producers, who then invited her to audition. She audition for a role in SNL alongside Will Ferrell and Chris Kattan. Cheri got the job and Kattan joined her a few months later. She worked for the SNL show from 1995 to 2000. In 2000, she played the role of Gail Hailstorm in ‘Scary Movie’. She also played in several other Hollywood productions, such as ‘Liar Liar’, starring Jim Carrie and ‘Dumb and Dumberer: When Harry Met Lloyd’. Her voice can also be heard on the animated series ‘Sit Down, Shut Up’. She has also been a guest on several other shows.

Oteri’s Marriage and Dating History.

Cheri is not a very talkative person, especially in public. She has always been a bit secretive about her personal life. Who can blame her for that? A while back, she dated American actor Alec Baldwin. During that period, there were a lot of rumors going around social media about marriage and such. Even so, Cheri and Alec did not reveal anything about their relationship. The media caught no glimpse into this couple’s private life.

Cheri Oteri and Alec Baldwin

Cheri Oteri and Alec Baldwin

Alec Baldwin is now happily married to Hilaria Baldwin. There is no information about her love life prior to her relationship with Baldwin. However, the actress stated that she is currently single. She has also said that women should not hurry when dating a guy. She said that ‘some men love the notion of commitment, not the reality’. That is a thing to keep in mind, ladies!

Did Cheri Oteri have plastic surgery?

Although Cheri Oteri is now 54 years old, her appearance does not show it. This has many of her fans asking if the actress has undergone any plastic surgery. You might expect some pretty noticeable wrinkles at this age. However, there are no wrinkles on this diva’s face. That may be the effect of Botox injections. Comparing older photos of Cheri with more recent ones, it is noticeable how her nose is now slightly thinner. There are also rumors about a chin implant. This is also pretty noticeable when comparing photos.

Ultimately, who are we to judge the actress for making these choices? What’s important is that Cheri Oteri is still rockin’ it on the big screen. Just like her former lover found his other half, let’s hope Cheri does too, soon.

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